5 signs that you had a successful interview

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How to know whether you did well or if you will receive a call or again that you will be refused ? Here are a few signs that will confirm that you were well presented

5 signs you got the job

1. Second interview. If you were immediately invited to go to the second interview, it means that they are interested. If it wasnt so, they would have probably advised you that they will contact you to inform you of their decision.

2. Introducing you to the team. A good sign is if one interviewer, immediately introduces you to some employees or if he mentions that he would like you to meet some specific people. If you werent considered suitable for the position, he wont decide in such a step. Remember that he may seek the opinion of the team, so behave well with everyone you know.

3. They respond to all questions thoroughly. In most interviews they ask you if you have any questions, but if the answer is a short and uninterested one , it means that you didnt do so well. Whenthe person interviewing you is trying to answer your questions thoroughly, it means that they want to attract you .

4. They try to "sell" the position you applied for. When an employer is interested in you becoming part of his team, he will highlights the strengths of the position you applied for and the company's. Thus, he wants you to get a clear picture of how things work in the company and wants to let you know that you are the right person for the job.

5. Nonverbal communication. Nonverbal signals are a good way to evaluate how you've gone to a job interview. Pay attention to the person who interviewed you andlook for nonverbal signals such as writing notes, smile, nodding his head or asking questions. If the interviewer recorded only a few remarks, constantly looking at his watch or sets detailed questions, your interview is not going as it should.

If you notice these signs, you can relax and be sure that you have handled the interview well. But it does not guarantee that the job is yours. There is always another opportunity to perform as well or better than you.

However, if these signs are present, be sure that you have a chance to get the job you want.


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