A Few Must Have Tips For The Aspiring Model

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Here are a few tips to help you get started in a modeling career.

Give Thought Before Acting

There are loads of attractive or interesting looking people in the world. Many of them have thought about or are attempting to break into the fashion world and take it by storm. Sounds like a dreamy fairly tale, doesn’t it?! It doesn’t have to be. You can do it but there are some factors to consider when modeling is a true passion of yours. When I say passion, I really mean it! This just can’t be a fleeting fantasy or a “phase” of aspiration. You have to be a person not afraid to dedicate yourself to lots of other people besides yourself. As young as models are when they start out, this is not child’s play by a long shot. Too Many times women are fooled into thinking modeling is a very simple and uncomplicated form of work just about anyone can do. After all, the reasoning is: “I am told I look like a model all the time!!!” or you hear someone say “You should really model!” Sometimes, people get randomly discovered by scouts but most of the time there is a lot of preparation and work involved if you want an agency to notice you.

Stay Focused and Energetic

You should expect to approach modeling the same way you would a casting call for a movie production. Both are forms of acting. If you can’t act or are not interested in doing so, modeling may not be for you. As soon as a photographer points the camera in your direction, models must silent act their way through whatever project they have been assigned, whether it is donning swim suits or eveningwear. You have to be pretty fearless in the modeling world, too. Every shoot you do has a mini set designed to define the mood for whatever garments you are wearing. You may be asked to jump in the air or fall from a ladder onto a padded mat. You may have model underwater or pose with a wild animal. There are so many scenarios that could occur so you have to be willing to be physical when called for and put energy into every photo shoot to ensure future jobs. The more eager you are to participate, the more work you will get.

Maintain Flexibility

Ready to update your look? No problem. If a makeup artist in a modeling agency thinks you would have more success with shorter hair or extensions, you must do this. You are their active palate to create from. They see something in you so be ready to change your existing look in a moment’s notice. There is no room for crying or protesting. If you want success, especially when just starting out, a large amount of flexibility is needed to please your client. You may not have the complete look when first meeting members from the agency that hired you. Therefore, they determine what looks will work for you based on bone structure, build and overall appearance. It is possible to become the current seasonal sensation if you cooperate fully with agency guidance. Trust must be exercised, because they are professionals with lots of years of experience and expertise. You may not care for the look they give you but both you and the agency will prosper from it. For me, it would be exciting to acquire many different looks and personalities.

First Impressions Important

Suppose you capture someone's interest at a modeling agency. It is important to look simple but well dressed. Do not walk into an agency overtly made up. Use as little make up as possible. They want to see your face and evaluate your bone structure. Do not wear baggy, dirty or stained clothing. This may make them pass you by. Pull out a pair of form fitting jeans and wear those. Choose ones that are dark in color, as these will make you appear longer and leaner and because they will want to see the shape of your body. Wear a plain tee shirt with a V neck or scoop neck and keep accessories to a minimum. Make sure your hair is clean and dry. If long, you may want to pull it back into a ponytail or put it up in a bun. For those with short hair, brush it back away from your face. They want to see you. Avoid wearing strong perfume or putting anything on your body that could be distracting. Wear a basic pair of pumps. Your heels do not need to be skyscraper in height. just a basic three to four inches is fine. These are basic wardrobe intems for casting calls. If you present yourself wearing these, you will look like you are serious for consideration.

Educate Yourself

Before approaching an agency, be a little educated about the fashion industry. Make sure to read articles about fashion and cruise your favorite fashion magazines for past and current trends. You may be asked about designers, models, photographers, etc. so study up. This will make them convinced that you want to make a career of modeling and this may edge you out over another person they saw at a different time that day. It is also very important to be yourself. Don’t act star struck and jump up and down and say OMG a dozen times. This may well turn the agency entirely off. It would be nice to be remembered but not that way. Just relax and look at this as practice. If you are lucky you will be hired straight away but don’t expect this. It often takes many, many times to get hired in this profession. Whatever you do, do not let rejection hinder your efforts. Don’t think of yourself as a failure or think you did something wrong. The reason for not getting a job could be quite simple. You may not have had the look they desired at the moment. On the other hand, if you have a pleasant personality, they may reconsider you in the future. Different agencies have different expectations and personalities of their own. These are a few useful tips that can go a long way towards a modeling career. Make them see you through confidence and humility and you may just be the next “It Girl” they always wanted.


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