A lot of idle time at work

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Work is not only for the money and socialize but also looking for self-development. What happens when a lot of idle or empty time in our office because there are no jobs or task in it?

A lot of idle time at work

It is my experience working in government organizations. As I know, there are parts of the organization are very busy, so working 10 hours a day is not enough. But the other part is very relaxed because there is less work; the working time of 10 hours is mostly used to sit alone, playing computer games, or read newspapers and magazines. There are several possibilities as why there are a lot of idle or empty times at work. Firstly, recruitment of employee system unplanned well, as a result too many workers than jobs ; secondly, the transfer of personnel systems are less well, as a result many employees accumulate on the one part and third government policy to reduce unemployment.

Impact of the idle or empty time

I’d transferred into the both position. For me the most vulnerable position is when a lot of empty time in the job. This situation is a dilemma for young employees who are creative, because they feel wasting time. If there is a job in the office may be only 20% of the energy used to do their job, they still have the remaining 80% that is not utilized. Finally, employees are frustrated and looking for something else. Because of empty time, many employees read newspapers, magazines and even play games in the work. Even, in the morning until the evening read newspaper including reading the column of advertisement all, that's a joke they are. Very sad for young employees who want to develop their potentials will lose creativity, morale and motivation. I feel the situation the same as a disguise unemployment s. They spend time at work in vain.

The attitude of what should be done

Indeed, no time is wasted. Using time wisely, the key lies not in how you spend time, but in investing your time. Ask yourself whether reading the newspapers; play games in working time have beneficial for the development of us?
I'd ever worked in this situation; I try to do something good for myself and the organization. Not a time to set what I do but I set up the time. First thing I did was to set the work agenda every day includes 50% of positive and productive activities, such as preparing files, write, and so on. And setting priority of activities and do not move on to other activities before the activities completed. If the activity is no relationship with the work, then I try to keep away from social media, such as read the newspaper or play games.
Thus, the problem encountered in connection with the idle or empty time actually is how someone fills his idle time or how the experience gained through some activities in the idle time. The way a person utilizing his idle time is the potential to provide a positive and negative impact on quality of life, such as beneficial to physical and mental health, life satisfaction, and psychological development


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author avatar Yon Maryono
1st Mar 2015 (#)

Stories overtime or extratime at workplace not only men but also women's career. This is another story in the work. But I believe there are many good men and women still committed with their partner. Thanks for your sharing, CM

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author avatar Ramu
25th Mar 2015 (#)

thanks for the post

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11th Apr 2015 (#)

thanks for the post

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author avatar Corner
8th May 2015 (#)

thanks for the post


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author avatar peachpurple
4th Aug 2015 (#)

I agree that young employees spend too much time idling at work even they are on time.

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15th Aug 2015 (#)

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author avatar Jamshed
19th Jan 2016 (#)

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