All genuine promotions are due to honesty, especially with ourselves and with our passions in life

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Everything we get in life as a benefit is the result of honesty, every loss that we feel too much we have is due to dishonesty with ourselves. I know, that is a revolutionary statement there, but let me explain myself, and the reality the above statements come from.


Sure, we all want an easy route to success, even those who take the "hardest roads" in a way would not mind a "little ease". But, the only real easy way to promotion and greatness is to go through honestly,

I mean, look at life, those who had ponies and great things as kids given to them easily all too often end up spoiled, silly and demanding when the opposite was intended to happen. While many of those who genuinely succeed had it hard and the "cards stacked against them" in so many ways, that it seems amazing that they succeeded.

Napoleon Hill himself once said something to this effect on one of his broadcasts: "I did not get a fortune given to me in the family inheritance line when I was twelve, and now that I am forty, I thank God for it. Because the family that did get the inheritance did nothing with it. I am a world-famous speaker, author and motivator." The words I have just quoted may or may not be perfect, but the idea is perfectly sound: We appreciate more that which we have earned more than that which we are given, realistically.

Recently, I saw the Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan drama unfold on American television that seemingly illustrates my point about being given a fortune and not appreciating it because it was not really worked for. At least it seems that way in the reports on that drama. This is only an opinion: but, if Michael Strahan had a harder time working for what he wanted with more understanding and realistic thinking, he would have represented things better in the media as well as with Kelly Ripa instead of saying coldly, "I am going for more money, and I will not tell you why, but, only I know why." That is akin to saying deep in your heart without telling anyone: "I will be dishonest with you for anything, and I will sell my soul at the deepest level for any short term benefit." If it is not bad, it at least feels bad at very deep levels and looks deeply bad at an obvious level. After all, at the date of this writing, the news reports say that Kelly Ripa shed no tears at Michael Strahan leaving the show with her. I tell this story to simply say, no matter what, dishonesty is ultimately not a short cut, it is cheating, no matter what level it is on,

The Angel's Advocate

I once saw this movie with Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron called "The Devil's Advocate" about a bunch of selfish, vein people who pay fully for their particular dishonest actions including the minor characters paying in the same way. When you are dishonest, you pay for it in big ways like that. Dishonesty and cheating is never the easy way out. The only "easy" way out is through in reality. If you doubt me, read about Bernard "Bernie" Madoff and watch that movie "The Devil's Advocate". If you do not want something enough not to cheat, you do not want it.


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