Are You Willing to Change for The Better?

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Many of us are happy the way we are and resist change. A small story that will probably change the way you perceive change.

The only thing that is permanent is change.

It is not long before I remember although it looks like a life that has bygone I was just born as a caterpillar.

I was green in color and was quite cute in my appearance. I was living on a bushy tree where the leaves were my color. Maybe it was a coincidence but I was camouflaged and hence went unnoticed. Else crows and other birds would have feasted on me and my life would have ended then and there.

I used to keep crawling around so long as I was not hungry. I ate the tender leaves and then relaxed on the bushy tree itself. I grew to be quite stout and found it difficult to carry my weight anymore. One night while I was asleep I do not know what happened but soon as I got up I found I no longer could crawl or walk. I have transformed into a chrysalis.

I was all curled up and was inside some strange world. I could not see anything that I used to see earlier. I did not get my fresh air to breathe. In a sense I was conditioned. What a life this is going to be? Someone told me later on that as a chrysalis I looked beautiful and had a glow on my outside. I had a peculiar shape that chrysalis’ are supposed to have and just hung on one of the leaves. I used to feel being touched from outside.

It seemed like ages before I could once again see daylight. At last one morning the outer layer tore a little and made way for my body that by now had grown even bigger. I squeezed myself from the outer layer and found in these few days of becoming a chrysalis I have once again changed my shape, size and color. I now had something called wings that had designs on them on either side of my body. I could now fly by flapping my wings.

What a change from crawling to being conditioned where I could do nothing except wait for the good day. And now I could fly. Change is inevitable for all of us too. What you were when you were born is not what you are now. Believe me you have had transformations happening all the time. Some are noticeable changes while others are not.

Take change as it comes like the caterpillar and rest for a while like the chrysalis and I am sure you can also fly like the butterfly with all the colorful designs on your wings of fame.


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