Are you a good match for your healthcare career choice

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Here are some tips to see if you're the right candidate for your choice of healthcare career. I know for a fact that not everyone would pass nursing school or like being a nurse. Some career is just not for you.

Is it right for you

Can you be a nurse?

Nursing is such a demanding job as of right now and also thirty years from now but will you be happy doing nursing? Or will you be happier teaching or selling homes? I guess you really have to do some homework before you waste a lot of time and energy studying it. Nursing is so difficult that you got to see if you have the academic potential to do it and also to see if you have the personality for it. If you are one of those people who hate dirty, smelly people, and then you puke, nursing is definitely not for you. You will be smelling urine, human waste, blood, infection and hearing people cry and beating you up all day long. It's like working in a hell hole so if you're not that patience this is not for you. You should try something lighter like doing medical administration like billing or coding or be a social worker so you don't have to deal with a lot of smelly stuff all day long.

Can you be a doctor?

Wow, so lets talk about you having the money to pay for about 13 years of education. Can you guess how much that will cost? Ok, like around four hundred thousands dollars or more including rooms and living expenses cause doctors can't work while they're in school. Not only that, but not everyone can follow the program and pass it successfully so you might want to be a PA, where its easier but the income is still great and the job is highly demanding too. Wasting ten years of education and money is not funny. I know of doctors who drop out and flunk out so just do your homework carefully before you waste a lot of time and energy.

Can you be a respiratory therapist

An RT is much needed but the job is so gross that most women couldn't do it. You got to suck sputum out of people's trachea and throat all day long and you see the infected sputum and you smell it too so it's pretty hard on you mentally and emotionally. If you are one of those type, who puke when it comes to smelly stuff then stay away from this profession. If you don't like to suck stuff out of people throat or noisy, scary trachea then stay out of this area.

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Can you be a social worker?

This job is nice but you get a lot of emotional dump on you. The family complains every little thing to you and you got to deal with stressed out, ignorant people all the time so decide if you can put up with stuff like this. You're trying to help out a mental mom and the next thing you know, she write a letter to complain to the hospital about you cause some demon in her head told her to do so.

Can you be a physical therapist?

This is a really hard one where you get those people out to exercise and they just got out of surgery or that they weight seven hundred pounds and you want them to get out of bed. They will call you by all kinds of names and then insult you like you're nothing and I've heard it all so be careful if you're doing this for a living.


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