Being employable as a graduate: Employer Presentations and Recruitment Fairs

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With jobs at a premium and a slowdown in the recruitment sector, standing out as a graduate could mean the difference between finding the job of your dreams and being left out in the cold. One of the ways to get ahead is by effectively networking at recruitment fairs. This article shows you how to deal with them and how you can maximise your chances when attending them

Graduates and Recruitment

Recruitment fairs and employer presentations are some of the few opportunities that students have to discover more about companies before deciding where to apply. However, this is not purely a one-way process. This is also a way for organisations to assess your suitability for the company and they will be appraising you. So it pays to be smart and make the right impression.

At employer presentations allow a graduate (or a professional looking for their next career step) to discover what the culture of the organisation is. Furthermore, they are an excellent way to meet the newest company recruits who will be able to give an insight into how they got in, the struggles they faced and the decisions they made. By the end of the presentation, it should be clear whether or not this is a direction that one would want to take or whether they want to work for the company or not.

There is no one standard format that these presentations take. That is dependent on the employer. How they do it will also give an insight into the firm and how they do things. The usual format for employer presentations is to have a talk about the company and the schemes that they offer. This is then followed by a question and answer session. Many employers choose to use a more interactive approach and may include a business study case or something similar. Whatever the methods are, they are designed to help the students, graduates and professionals make a decision as to whether this is the company for them. Sometimes, there is an informal ‘networking’ opportunity over food and drink. Evidence (in the form of student feedback) shows that this is a very useful part of the event allowing people to chat informally with new recruits and even with senior staff. One can ask questions and test the company staff to see whether they can provide the answers that are needed.

Recruitment fairs – these are slightly more impersonal events as there are numerous employers and jobseekers of all ages trying to make an impression. It is a good way to make first contact with the companies that you are interested in and ask any relevant questions about the organisations. It may even be possible to fill out an application form or drop off a CV. So it pays to be prepared. More about how to make an impression later on in this article. This is crucial as the representatives present at the fair are from the HR department of the company. Recruitment fairs give allow an individual to speak to many employers at the same time, under the same roof. This is especially useful if you have not quite made up made up your mind what career path you want to follow. Being prepared is the key to success for these events as they provide an opportunity to network with the people who may be on the interview panel if you get further along on the application process.

So how does someone make an impression when there are so many people vying for the attention of the employers? Here are some helpful hints:

– find out as much as possible before approaching a prospective employer. Websites, brochures, even speaking to someone at the company beforehand can lay the foundation for successful contact. This will allow you to prepare appropriate questions as opposed to an unhelpful and inane “so what is it that you do then?”

Act and dress smart
– treat recruitment fairs and employer presentations as an interview. Having a professional appearance will help you to stand out. Prospective employers will be put off if all you are interested in are the freebies and drinks. They will know!

– These events are excellent opportunities to build important contacts and make a good impression on them. Find out who the real decision-makers are and the key people within the organisation and do not be afraid to introduce yourself. Being a little assertive will help to open doors later on in the process.

– this is a very important aspect of these events. Arrive early and take the opportunity to speak to people. Do not sneak in when it is about to finish – the employer will notice it and may count against you should you choose to apply. Furthermore, make you apply as soon as possible. Do not leave it one day before the window closes before sending in your application. The earlier you are, the better your chances of getting the job of your dreams.

It is up to the individual to make the most of the opportunities offered at these events. Making the right impression on the key people will give any jobseeker a better chance of getting the job that they desire.


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