Boredom is a consciousness, so is an exciting existence

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When life does not seem to be working the way you need or want (in that order), change approaches, get different if it is not different. Sure, that seems like simple advice, but when you are in a routine or a rut, how simple is the advice? Recently, I felt in my gut or intuition that I needed to make a genuine change in consciousness, and I finally am: These sections are that story.

The big "when"

We all want to make a change in consciousness, but it is a question of the big "when" in most cases. When we are in a rut, that time to change is now, or it really is never I find. Because we all have key times to make key choices. Mine was last night. I chose to develop my consciousness instead of taking the easy way and changing "simple" outer situations without changing my consciousness. I mean, the hard way seems hard until you see the genuine results after time has passed, the causes are worked with and reality has genuinely and deeply been changed, same with the easy way only in the opposite direction in a genuinely slow or bad way. Indeed, we must work purely with causes and not just effects or nothing genuinely gets done. That is the key to the big "when". We all know why to change, when it is obvious, that is easy, but when to change and heed those definite signals to change is the most powerful thing in existence when we do heed them.

There is not any "Get Out Of Boredom or Leave The Rut Free" Monopoly game style card that instantly gets us out. We all have to do it ourselves or not do it at all.

I know, it is hard advice to give and take, but this is what I am living right now: The big "when" has come and I am ready for it. Indeed, I am changing my consciousness or the cause though before I change any outer circumstances. Without the consciousness change, even the best path can have a genuine and unconsciously sickening redundancy and boredom to it. To leave redundancy behind, the consciousness must first be changed and everything else will come afterward.

Why do you think outer change alone almost never genuinely solves problems anyway? Because the cause must be changed, which is the consciousness which the goal is achieved with. That is the key to when it happens, the rest is just "stuff".

The difference that makes the difference!

Our consciousness is the only thing that can end redundancy, the rest of it is window dressing or outer affect. Think about it, there are people who make "prosperous salaries" and "big lottery wins" without the consciousness to handle them. I argue here that we must first have the consciousness before we get anything else genuinely or everything is a redundancy factor in life and existence.

That paragraph alone gives a new meaning to "We all love to win, but who loves to train" does it not? We need to train and make our consciousness what we want it to be before we genuinely possess what we want genuinely. Without that fundamental change, we could get all that we "want" and still lose. Why do you think so many lottery winners end up poorer than before because of bad money management or so many scandals happen in the government legislatures with finances, because you have a bunch of people who have not stepped up or developed the consciousness to handle their positions sanely. The saner you are inside, the more ready you are to handle a position of responsibility. The more developed the consciousness, the more ready you are to live without redundancy or genuine failure, which is within the consciousness anyway.

All we have to do, and I do mean all.

We must develop the consciousness to handle larger life, wealth or whatever greatness we want, like changing the wiring on a house or building to handle more power or energy running through the transformers. Without that consciousness or wiring change, we blow ourselves right out or fail. There is not an exception to this rule, if Ohm's law works on electricity, consciousness mimics it as a fellow force of nature in life, does it not? George Ohm stated that the current flowing through it is proportional to the voltage across it. Does this not apply to consciousness in a sense that we can only handle what we are prepared for in that sense. You may or may not understand the correlations of what I am saying here, but, it does make sense that we must develop the consciousness to handle reality, for without the consciousness to handle reality, how can we handle it? We cannot. We must develop ourselves into the people we want to be before we are the people we want to be. That is all we have to do, and I do mean all. Sure, I am "ridiculously blunt" and realistic about all of this. Indeed, though, if we are going to do anything at all we have to make the choice to prepare correctly from within or not at all.


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author avatar LOVERME
14th Sep 2018 (#)

very good
a new sermon
I wish all read it

could you condense it a bit
for a quicker read and better understanding please

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