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Launching a business in one’s own country is not a big deal as the wage trends and the labor sentiments are known. However, the situation changes when the plan is about launching a venture in a foreign country as all the above factors require deep probe at the starting phase. Let us discuss the merits and challenges of starting a business in a different country in detail. The discussion will also talk about the job opportunities that these small businesses can create and impact on the economy.

Launching a New Business in Foreign Country: An Inside Perspective

Nike, 3Com, Bloomberg, Capita One, Sun Microsystems.

What do all these have in common? They were all planned and started by students from top and recognized universities or to be very specific recognized business school. The recent times have witnessed that graduates from business schools and management institutes are breaking the stigma that being a ‘corporate slave’ is the only option for professional grooming. They are now building themselves and contributing to the economy by starting their own business.

When a business is started it is small in all aspects; people, size, capital and revenues but a sweet fact can’t be ignored that only small businesses create most of the jobs, big and small both.

Small Businesses: A Road to a Number of Jobs
The concept behind small businesses is that they have very low government support and the tax policy varies depending on the country where it is setup and the industry that is being catered to. The small beginnings have been proved to have power to unleash the economic forces, one can’t even imagine. A business running on this concept can be anything, a departmental store or a small web designing company with 100-300 employees.

Past studies reveal that 82 per cent of new jobs were created by the small businesses and rest, which is actually a feeble figure, was generated by large business groups. Small businesses create jobs for following section of job seekers:

• For shop floor employees, interested in furthering their career
• For managers, interested in going up in their management role
• From job aspirant point of view, there are ample amount of jobs that small businesses can create in different fields like IT, tourism or any sector that is flourishing over there.

A fact can’t be ignored that economy of a country also plays a major role in defining success or failure of a business. So here’s a global economy outlook for 2014 that will throw light on fateful countries for setting up a business.

Global Economy 2014: A Prediction for Entrepreneurs
There are certain countries that have flourishing economy and are apt for budding businessmen to open up their ventures. Such countries are the UK, USA, Gulf and some parts of European Union (EU), to end the list. Moreover, an outlook of the economy will also determine the employment market of a specific country as well as the salary progressions.

As per a detailed analysis of global economy done by the World Bank and AASOCOM- a Business Communication Association, economy 2014 can be summarized as follows:

The above countries have flourishing economy and are definitely going to support small and medium level enterprises. Now let us deeply probe into the factors that will support an ambitious entrepreneur in setting up his/her business into these countries, in a nutshell. The perspective will also reveal the opportunities that these countries will create.

Small Businesses in Flourishing Economy: A Gateway to Booming Job Market

1. GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council)

The major building blocks of economic development in the GCC region are the small and medium sized businesses. There are many advantages associated with this federation that will help the businesses to grow and thereby create jobs as well.

There are quite a few happenings like World Expo Bid Win 2020 by Dubai and FIFA World Cup to happen in Arab, which are certainly going to create some of the top jobs in the UAE and other federations.

• The first and foremost advantage of launching and executing a business in the GCC region is that its sales department is ought to flourish owing to the buying habits of inhabitants in the Middle East & North Africa Region (MENA).
• Countries falling in the GCC region have emerging markets; therefore, businesses will have a broader section of audience and may expect external investments as well.
• Since, the countries are planning to go for economic diversification; therefore there are chances for small businesses to grow

2. European Countries
SME contributes to 99% of business targets in the European countries. The budding businessmen have reported that European Union (EU) laws are supportive when it comes to opening a new business in countries like England, France and Germany, to name a few.

3. Asian Countries
Asian countries have economies that are ever fluctuating and get affected by political happenings. The labor cost is low here and even cost of setting up a business is low. So for entrepreneurs who are looking out to launch a trade here can reap great benefits. Also, the unemployment rate is generally high, so new businesses can actually create jobs.

The Bottom Line
Small Businesses have the capability to create jobs and create ripples in the economy, for good. The countries discussed here are developing and are ready to offer ample scope to the new entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses. Moreover, the best part about such ventures is that they create a lot of jobs in the host country.


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