Constructive Guidelines for Migrant Workers Coming to Saudi Arabia--part Four

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Normally the work contract signed by the worker and the employer is terminated if the said contract specified period has ended. Likewise if both parties agreed to terminate the contract provided that the worker approval should be in writing.

When to terminate the work contract

To terminate a contract - it must meet the following reasons such as:

  • The work contract specified period shall be terminated by the end of the work contract period. If the employer and the worker continued with the contract execution, the contract shall be considered without a specified period for its termination.

  • The employer and the worker may terminate the work contract which do not has a specified period, due to a legitimate reason after notifying the other party in writing (30) thirty days before termination.

  • The worker should not be dismissed from work without a justified reason. In case the worker was dismissed without a justified reason, he/she may approach the concerned labor office within two weeks of termination.

  • When the worker contract ends, the next presumed step is for the worker to return to his/her country after receiving all entitlements. If the employer did not commit to deliver all the workers entitlements, the worker should report this to any labor office located all over the Kingdom.

The instructions state that any worker can not obtain a travel visa unless the employer submits a proof that the worker had received all his/her entitlements.

The employer can dismiss the worker if...

The employer may dismiss the worker without a prior notice in any of the following cases:

  • The worker impersonate a fake personality or a nationality, or had submitted false certificate or documents.

  • If the worker was under the probational period or prior to the end of the probational period.

  • If the worker intentionally or negligently made a mistake in which a sizable financial loss inflected on part of the employer, provided that the employer reports this to the concerned agencies within (24) hours as of the time the employer knew about such mistake or neglect.

  • If the worker violates the instructions of work safety or place of work.

  • If the worker did not care for the main duties on his/her part according to the work contract.

  • If the worker was legally convicted or sentenced by a court for a moral crime or an offence that affects honor, trust or morals.

  • If the worker discloses any secrets of the establishment in which he/she works.

  • If the worker assaults the employer or the responsible manager during working hours.

  • If the worker was absent without a justified reason for more than (20) twenty non-consecutive days or (10) days consecutive days during one year.

Private recruitment agencies in the Kingdom

There is a number of authorized private recruitment agencies in the Kingdom allowed to intermediately recruit workers from outside the Kingdom. These agencies work according to specific rules such as:

  • They are not allowed to take any fees from the worker for intermediate recruitment. Moreover, these agencies collect their fees from employers who requested them to participate in recruiting workers from abroad. Such dealings are agreed upon between the two parties (the authorized agency and the employer).

  • In case any Saudi private recruitment agency requires to be paid any amounts of money from any workers as fees for recruitment, the worker should report this to the nearest labor office in the Kingdom in order to take necessary procedures towards the owner of such agency. These procedures are being made because the recruitment agency is not permitted to charge any fees from workers in accordance with the provisions of the Saudi Labor Law, decisions and provisions regulating the work of the private recruitment agencies.

  • Private recruitment agencies may recruit workers for their own private work and under their supervision for the purpose of providing interested employers with labors (Labor Services) for limited time period according to regulating provisions for these services, provided that such labors supplied by private recruitment agencies are only male workers. This does not apply to the provision of female workers.

There are restrictions for providing labor services. The most important of these restrictions are:

  • Providing appropriate accommodation for workers.

  • The signed contract between the recruited worker and the recruitment agency must state that the agency has the right to assign the worker under its supervision to provide labor services for employers interested in such tasks.

  • Complying with all obligations imposed by Saudi Labor Law, Social Insurance Law, implementing regulations and decisions issued for the application of such two laws.

  • Provision of labor services should be supplied in adequate wages.

The settling labor disputes committees

Labor offices look into all labor disputes and seek to friendly settle these disputes between the worker and the employer. If this was not accomplished, the case shall be raised to specialized labor committees. And these committees are considered as special courts to study the labor cases and make decisions in accordance with the Labor Law. These committees are:

  • Preliminary Committees for Settling Labor Disputes.
  • High Committee for Settling Disputes, which has a number of division in the Kingdom;s regions.

Labor Offices in the Kingdom

There are (37) thirty-seven labor offices located all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia distributed within its regions and most of its districts. Every worker may approach any of these offices and inquire about any issue relating to his/her work relation with the employer in order to be enlightened as to his/her obligations and rights.

List of Labor Offices in the Kingdom by Regions and Districts with their telephone numbers:

  • Labor Office in Riyadh Region - Tel number: 01/4024444
  • Labor Office in Alkharj District - Tel number: 01/5448231
  • Labor Office in Adduwadimi District - Tel number: 01/6431803
  • Labor Office in Almajma'ah District - Tel number: 06/4321724
  • Labor Office in Wadi Addawasir District - Tel number: 01/7840264

  • Labor Office in Azzulfi District - Tel number: 06/4220235
  • Labor Office in Shaqra District - Tel number: 01/6221342
  • Labor Office in Makkah Region - Tel number- 02/5420745
  • Labor Office in Jeddah District - Tel number: 02/6311687
  • Labor Office in Attaif District - Tel number: 02/7461616

  • Labor Office in Alqunfudhah District - Tel number: 07/7321250
  • Labor Office in Al Madinah Region - Tel number: 04/8272747
  • Labor Office in Yanbu District - Tel number: 04/3222688
  • Labor Office in Alula District - Tel number: 04/8840830
  • Labor Office in Qassim Region, Buraydah - Tel number: 06/3250387

  • Labor Office in Unayzah District - Tel number: 06/3640285
  • Labor Office in Arrass District - Tel number: 06/3333502
  • Labor Office in Hail District, Hail - Tel number: 06/5321139
  • Labor Office in Eastern Region, Dammam - Tel number: 03/8261419
  • Labor Office in Al Ahsa District - Tel number: 03/5820835

  • Labor Office in Hafar Al Baten District - Tel number: 03/7220220
  • Labor Office in Al Khobar District - Tel number: 03/8641541
  • Labor Office in BuQayQ District -Tel number: 03/5661324
  • Labor Office in Al Jubail District - Tel number: 03/3620150
  • Labor Office in Al Khafji District - tel number: 03/7660380

  • Labor Office in Ras Tannurah District - Tel Number: 03/6670424
  • Labor Office in Aseer Region, Abha - Tel number: 07/2242128
  • Labor Office in Bishah District - Tel number: 07/6226718
  • Labor Office in Al Bahah Region - Tel number: 07/7253240
  • Labor Office in Najran Region - Tel number: 07/5221431

  • Labor Office in Jazan Region - Tel number: 07/3226446
  • Labor Office in AlJawf Region, Skaka - Tel number: 04/6241766
  • Labor Office in AlQurayyat District - Tel number: 04/6421108
  • Labor Office in Tabuk Region - Tel number: 04/4221181
  • Labor Office in Alwajh District - Tel number: 04/4421970
  • Labor Office in Northern Border Region, ARAR - Tel number: 04/6627128
  • Labor Office in Turayf District (at the Ministry) - Tel number: 04/6521029

I am hurt and I feel guilty

The reason why I decidedly compiled this information and share them to all migrant workers who are presently working in Saudi Arabia and for those who are planning to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is that - I am hurt and I feel guilty when every time I read news from newspapers about migrant workers who were abused by their employers.

Normally, it is advised by every Embassy and Consulate of every country that when a migrant worker arrived in the Kingdom - he/she should report to his/her Embassy or Consulate and inform them about his/her work, location, contact number, his company/employer and other information.

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