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Reality to be mastered, must be obeyed to the letter. With that said, I would like to begin this article with a bang saying something like: If you do not work or put the fork to your mouth, you do not eat.
Okay, we must have genuine initiative if we want to get anything done in existence, without initiative, we are like human rocks, especially if we want to get by on our looks and "have things done for us". That is the epitome of uselessness. This article is about useful initiative and reality.

Do what you love, then the reward will follow with it

Sure, lucrative actions are productive ones. But if you enjoy what you are doing with that productivity, that is even better in every way.

If you hate the job and do it efficiently nonetheless, that is worse than doing nothing at all in a sense, even if you make "lots of money", "a great salary" and all of that. Life to be enjoyed, has to be well rounded in every way that counts, that includes doing what you want and need to do (in that order) to make money.

Some rich people for example do fourteen hour work days, for instance because their work is play, and their vacations are more like work to them than their real work. I understand. The old saying is that "it takes something to do nothing, and nothing much but play to do something you really want to do." I understand and get what that means too. Sure, I never said work is my favorite activity or anything, but to everyone their version of play is their favorite activity. I understand that too. Also, if you can make money enjoying yourself fully, more power to you.

Rivers and Goals

One time, the great motivational author Earl Nightingale wrote about "river people" and "goal people" and I say when anyone regardless of who they are are proficient and genuinely enjoy what they do in every way: They set their own pay scale through their initiative, believe me. This is where it all unites in the "productive play" essence of doing what you enjoy to make genuine money. After all, it is said that opportunity comes in work clothes that are not too good to be true while a con comes in a rented tuxedo with a too good to be true proposition of easy wealth doing what you probably would prefer not to do.

When I think of a force of nature that is beneficial, I think of the principle of "productive play" i just mentioned. Because that sort of initiative that does not look like real work is the most beneficial for those it makes a genuine and desired living for. It is as natural as a flowing river or as natural as the best goal-point reached.

At best, life is a winning game; at worst, you are just marking time until the ultimate loss

In life, we all love to win, but when we love to train as well as win, that is when everything happens really. Indeed, winning is the pinnacle and goal, okay. But, training well, and enjoying it always makes the winning sweeter in every way that counts.

But doing what you do not want to do for a "reward" is like marking time until death, even if you do "win" or "make a lot of money". Retirement has already happened to people like those in their minds let alone physically, it is only a matter of time, because they are in it, not because they love it. They are "in it for the pay."

When you love it and get rich in it, that is the best. When you hate it and do it to survive out of "need", that is the worst. The best life are the ones we enjoy and benefit from fully anyhow.


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