Cunning top officials in India reward cheaters for filing fake cases

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How the cunning top officials in the indian internet sector rewards liar and blackmailers for making false allegations against a harmless innocent single woman engineer to destroy her reputation, career and finances

Top officials in India reward cheaters for filing fake cases to destroy career

The top officials in the indian internet sector have devised a very dishonest and cunning way of destroying the reputation, career and finances of a harmless innocent experienced webmaster, domain investor and engineer at the instigation of the large corporates in the Indian internet sector. When these powerful officials found out about her savings and her expertise, they will reward every person who will make completely false allegations against the webmaster without any proof at all, to encourage more people to make false allegations and ruin the reputation of the webmaster.

These cunning fraud officials will never give the webmaster and engineer a chance to defend herself, which she can easily do as she never interacted with these pampered frauds rewarded by the top officials. These officials will also steal the retirement savings of the webmaster without a court order, so that they can waste it to reward more fraud people to make false allegations against a person who the webmaster has never interacted with. These arrogant powerful officials then expect the engineer to tolerate their mistake, fraud behavior, rewarding of cheaters quietly and suffer the financial and other losses.

After this, these cunning powerful officials want to tell the woman engineer that because so many frauds have filed fake cases against her, she should accept her guilt and agree to identity theft, give up her impressive resume, which she has worked hard for, retirement savings of twenty years to start life anew. They are wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money for the last 5 years to force the harmless innocent single woman engineer to agree to the unfair and humiliating agreement and identity theft.

Just because many greedy frauds are making completely false allegations without any proof at all, why should the engineer accept her guilt? Who told these officials to interfere in the life of the engineer who they have never interacted with ever, for 5 years she was under surveillance, and never will in future as they are very status conscious ? Why was she not told about the names of the people who are making the false allegations against her so that she could file counter cases against them, for extortion and blackmail?

Who are these officials to take a decision on how the hard earned money, retirement savings of the engineer, a stranger to them, will be wasted? These officials are getting a salary and pension after retirement, why should the single woman engineer face financial hardship because these careless arrogant men have wasted her hard earned money on cheaters to ruin her reputation and finances out of hatred?

Now these men are not willing to acknowledge their mistake or even tell the woman about the mess they have created taking decisions on her behalf. If you know another innocent defamation victim please share.


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12th Jul 2015 (#)

I understand there is a lot of corruption there.

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Awesome post

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