Customer Service 101: A New Perspective

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Customer Service is one of the fastest growing jobs nowadays. But being a customer service rep is not that easy and dealing with a customer over the phone is a tough job that requires much attention, patience, listening and lot of understanding.

Customer Service Best Practices

Being in the call center industry is not that easy. Prompt and genuine customer service requires a lot of understanding with the person on the other line and the company's policy. Sometimes you have to meet halfway or you have the inclination to lean more on the customer's side especially if that customer has been loyal to the company for quite some time or doing a one time courtesy.

There are times that it's hard to be patient and to be more understanding if your customer is very agitated and diffusing an anger is really an effort. You have to understand that this customer is venting out and that his or her frustration has nothing to do with you but on the course of things that had happened during the entire issue. When you're having a bad day, which is not unusual because we're human, then that's where the clash of personality comes in.

Where do you put the limitation then when worst comes to worst? Anybody can answer this in less than a minute I guess but when you;re on the phone, its not that easy but the tone of your voice really makes a difference. Why do I say so? Have tried it a couple of times. But I tell you, while placing the customer on hold, Goodness gracious, I am really compounding on my thoughts, giving concrete reason for some possible questions that the customer might raise during the conversation and the last is giving an assurance to the customer that at the end of the day, you yourself is a customer and doesn't want to be treated that way. Making them feel that you are sincere and confident with what you are saying is really an important factor to diffuse the gravity of ANGER.

You'll probably say that if they yell at you, they are angry and devastated. Yes indeed they are but if you take a look at the other side of it, ITS A CRY FOR HELP TOO! You can tell between the lines as you hear them talk, it really is a silent cry for help. Now, when somebody shouts at you over the phone, not only are your ear membranes start to react but the feeling at being yelled at is sometimes annoying. Just tell yourself that you're lucky you're not on their situation and do something to tackle the issue right away and make it easier for your customer to comprehend and make them feel that you're ready to help.

Now you turn your face on me. I know that. When you're ready to help don't say it bluntly. Why do I say so? It makes your customer feel that they owe you a lot for helping them well in fact you need to resolve the issue because you are the front liner of the company and you're being paid to assist them. Second, don't hesitate to ask some questions but politely state your reasons as to why you are asking them questions. You're asking because you need to have a better understanding in order for you to help them resolve the issue in a very timely manner.

When we say timely manner, it should not be more than a week. Within the given time-frame, customer would actually keep on following up what had happened to their request. Don't fabricate stories. It will add damage to the injury. On top of that, the company's credibility will be put at risk. Guys, in case you wonder what keeps me going with this job, it's a sense of satisfaction in helping your customer. Words or phrases such:

* I'm glad I called in and got you

* After talking to you, I feel better

* Thank you so much for making it easier for me

* You're an asset to your company

* I hope your company gives you a raise (yes, why not?..just kidding)

* I will tell my friends how wonderful the company's customer service is

Well, these are just few things that revives my energy whenever things go down but in order to hear these things, the negative side are as follows:

*You don't understand me because you're not in my shoe

Counter this by saying that, Sir/Ma'am, I know you're frustrated with what's going on but by the end of the day, I myself is also a customer and I know how you feel. I will help you with this and I'll stay on the line till we get this resolved.

* Why do you ask so many questions, I'm sick and tired of it

Reason by saying, I'm so sorry if I ask these questions to you but I need to this so I can understand the situation much better and while you're relating to me the whole situation, I'm writing down some notes for me to document everything so I know where to start.

* I'm tired of calling back and forth and still I'm faced with this kind of issue

I really do appreciate your call today Sir/Ma'am and in my humble way I'll do my best to get this done and if I have to do an extra mile and talk to a supervisor or a specialist so we can prioritize everything for you, then I would be willing enough to do that just to make you feel that you're still one of our valued customer. I know how it feels to be calling back and forth so let's get started and deal with this once and for all.(Guys, this is cheesy, but if this will make the customer feel better then why don't you say it? After all, it wont hurt a leg to say this phrase to your customer.

* I'm already pissed off with the way how your company deals with your customer. I wont deal with your company, never ever!

Ouch, that hurts a bit. So even if that's the customer's decision, you can still make them feel that they deserve respect and that is respecting their decision but silently counteract with their firm statement. First deal with the main problem. Second, ask the customer what options are convenient for them. Third, make it a less hassle to the customer to deal with the process and lastly, thank them for taking the time to call, acknowledge their frustration and inform them that you're company is still ready to help with their questions or orders in the future the most important phrase, you're still our valued customer.

* You guys are always saying SORRY, SORRY, I APOLOGIZE, WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

Whoop la! They already know your spiel. Uh Oh, they know your verbiage. Start by saying, I know how it feels and if I may be on your shoe I'd also feel the same way but I am so interested to work with you and I am willing enough to help you out on this and make sure that this will be easy for you, so let's get started.

I know that sometimes it makes you irritated to hear them say this to you but if you get through this phase, it's as if you were able to win through the obstacle race. It will make your customer say:

"I'm so sorry for being rude at you. How can I be rude to you when in fact you were the one who helped me through all these mess? I'm sorry I didn't mean to take it on you personally, you're indeed exceptional."

When somebody tells you this, isn't it great? At least in a day, you did make a difference in somebody else's life and this experience is very rewarding. I know, I know, you have your mood swings, it will never be enough reason not to perform your job or what is being required of you to do. You may not know that person personally but with your help, your customer might change views in dealing with frustration and instill in their minds that good things happen for a reason.

Lastly, Learn to smile and the world will smile back at you.


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