Facts on the smartphone dependent person and how tbhey use it

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Resaerch about smartphones

There was a Pew Research Center study about smartphones. This study was started last autumn and Pew Research had helpers with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The study had asked 2.188 smartphone users how long a day they spend on it a day And for what they use it
The study makes the claim that some people who have a smartphone do not use a laptop, or a computer for the internet.

Looking for a job on a smartphone

And a lot of those just out of college can't find a job in their fields . These people don't use their smartphones with the frivolous they used it for in college. These college graduates are looking for jobs so they use so they use their smartphones to go to a site where they can find a job. And place applications for jobs.

College grads can't always afford smartphones

Those who use smartphones to find a job, sometimes have money problems. These people have money problems either because they are not working or underemployed. Underemployed means they have a job but cannot make enough money to support extras like that smartphone bill.
When these people get money problems, they sometimes have to stop their contract as they can no longer afford it.

Smartphone owner numbers grow year to year

In early 2014, 58 percent of adults had a smartphones. In April 2015 that number is 62 percent. Only 7 percent of smartphone users have other types of internet access. While some people only have internet access by going to the local library that allows a certain amount of time each day. The library has many people who use the computers.

what does smartphone dependednt mean?

The people who only use a smartphone are labeled smartphone dependent. The most smartphone dependent people are those who are 18 years old to 29 years old. Thirteen percent of those ages lived with a household income less than $30,000. The ones who use smartphones dependent rely on the smartphone they use for the internet to get them a job.

Need smartphone but can't always affford it

There was a study of household incomes of less than $30,000.,Of those in that income , some people could not afford the use of a smartphone every month. Sometimes they had to cancel their contracts for certain when they had an unexpected need for extra money. This extra money may be for perhaps a medical bill they didn't realize they would need.
Out of those with household incomes under $30,000, 60% either once in a while or quite a bit have gone over their data coverage . Then there are those people who get close to their limit each month or use all of it but don't go over it.
Compared to whose who make under $75,000 were twice as likely to be using the smartphone for job searching and four times as likely to be submitting job applications online.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette April 3, 2015
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10th Apr 2015 (#)

I don't own any sort of mobile device - I have never seen the need to have one and do not feel in the least bit deprived.

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11th Apr 2015 (#)

interesting, I never had a cell phone I did my job hunting on the internet

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16th Apr 2015 (#)

I'd love to have one but can't afford it.

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