Finding your first freelance writing jobs – 5 Tips to Get you Started

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A brief guide on how to struggle obstacles on the way of getting decent freelance writing job.

How to Get Your First Freelance Writing Job

Starting out online as a freelance writer can be hard, there is a lot of competition out there. Finding your first writing job can be the hardest part but thankfully these tips will make finding freelance writing jobs easier and will mean that you have more choice. Finding your first job is often the hardest part of getting started as a freelance writer but thankfully once you have had one job many more come after it once you have built up reviews.

Work on your profile – Almost all writing jobs require you to submit a profile of your past writing work. Working on the background that you present to potential employers will make you more employable and will give a better representation of your skills to them. Your profile is often the only thing that is presented to potential employers so make it look great.

Be prepared to work for less – If you haven’t been writing for long you should be prepared to take lower paying jobs in order to build up your skills as a writer. The more you write the better you get and taking lower paying online writing jobs will contribute towards your profile and background and will help you win higher paying jobs in the future. Low paying jobs often give you a lot of room to be creative in your writing and experiment. Many successful online writers regularly take low paying jobs for this reason as it allows them to try out new techniques.

Be proactive – Don’t just expect potential employers to come to you, actively seek work. On many freelance sites new jobs are listed every hours, apply to everything which you can do even if it’s small. In each of your applications, don’t just copy and paste something but write a specific reply to their job advert and always answer their questions. Write your application is a professional and friendly way, remember you are selling yourself. If you think it’s appropriate you should also follow up your application with an email, this can really help you get the upper hand over your competition.

Be prepared to write on any subject – If you want a job quickly as a newbie freelance writer it’s best not to be picky about the work you are doing. Don’t limit yourself to a certain topic or subject and be prepared to write about anything. Writing on a range of topics will help to build your skills as a writer and will make you more flexible. Research skills are critical to the success of any writer and by starting out by building the you will be off to a good start.

Good luck in starting out as a freelance writer, it’s hard starting out but the benefits of being your own boss and working your own hours outweigh the negatives. Try not to loose hope, it can be very hard when you first get started looking for online writing jobs but if you follow these tips it will come much sooner.


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