Five Great Tips for Interview Success

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Interviews are a nerve racking process that leave many feeling flustered and nervous and this can really affect your interview. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your interview, increasing your chances of success.

Prepare Well

Preparation is important and there are a number of things that you need to do to prepare. First of all, find out about the company. A lack of knowledge about the company may affect the answers that you give and your future employer might not look kindly on applicants who are unaware of the company and what the job entails. Another part of preparation is to think about questions that may come up at interview. This will vary from one job to the next, but nearly all interviewers will ask you what skills and qualities you bring to the post. Think about your responses before going for the interview. A final way to prepare is to have a mock interview. Ask a member of your family or a close friend if they would be willing to act as the interviewer in a role play session so that you can prepare yourself for the interview experience.

Create a Good Impression

First impressions count. Turning up to the interview in the appropriate attire is vital. While it may be acceptable to apply for a building job dressed in casual clothing, most professional or office jobs will require wearing smart or business style dress. This should be applied to the interview. Also, making sure that you are clean and tidy is important as this will give the impression of someone who takes pride in themselves and their work and who can focus on detail.

Use Examples of Experience

In an interview it is not enough to simply answer questions with a yes or no answer. Interviewers are looking for detailed answers about how your experience, skills and qualities apply to the position that you have applied to. For every response you give, you should draw on a specific example of your past experience that demonstrates your abilities, skills and qualities to support your response.

Take a Deep Breath

The temptation can be to throw yourself straight into giving a response once a question has been asked. This can lead to waffling and answering the question inappropriately. Before answering the question, take a few deep breaths. This serves several purposes. Firstly, it will help to keep you calm and sound less nervous. Another benefit is that it gives you a few seconds to compose an appropriate response to the question.

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is important for two reasons. One, it gives you the appearance of being a confident candidate, and two, it means that your head is lifted which helps maintain good posture and will help you to breathe calmly throughout the interview.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th Apr 2014 (#)

Excellent simple tips to help people conduct themselves well in an interview.

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author avatar lizzie79
13th Apr 2014 (#)

Thank you Mark Gordon Brown. I have been both the interviewee and the interviewer and it is hard from both sides of the table.

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