Freelancer: A New Working Trend

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Thanks to the revolution of informational technology, now I can work and earn money at home or in my trip easily.

Freelancer: A New Working Trend

A Brief look at freelancers world

Freelancer is a new lifestyle in our era. My grandfather don’t believe that people can work everywhere he like and earn serious money. It’s not so hard to understand. At his era, people didn’t know much about the computer, and they had never heard about the internet or informational network. Thanks to the revolution of informational technology, now I can work and earn money at home or in my trip easily.

There are a lot of job for a freelancer. If you are a freelancer, you can work as a teacher, writer, journalist, programmer, graphic designer, accountant, financial consultant… You even can become a freelance singer!

Why so many people love to become freelancers?

The most attractive thing of the freelace career is that you will be free! You can work at your home, look after your childrent, or you can work while you are travelling. And the payment for a freelancer is acceptable, if you come from a developing country, the commission of freelance job can enough for you to live well.

But the change to become a successful freelancer is not so high

At first, you need an excellent skill in your major. There are a lot of freelancers want to apply in a new job, so you will meet a lot of competitors. And if you don’t have any specific skills, you can not have a high salary.

Second, you need to know how to use computer and internet well. You have to know how to find a job that suitable with your skills, and how you can sure that you will be paid after finish a work. Then you have to know how to use the solfware that relate to your job well.

And the last but not least, you will earn a little at first. So can you stand in this world with that income? And how long can you stand untill you success? For people who live in developing country, the problem about income is not a big problem. That’s why they will have more change to follow and success in freelance career.

Freelance career is a new trend of our era. It bring a lot of oportunities for people and it also carry many challenges. But if you success with a freelance job, you will gain the freedom that you’ve explored for a long time. Freelance wolrd is a new world and there are a lot of change for you. Let’s come and discover this new world!

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