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All of the graduates and Postgraduates expect their dream jobs to land on their hands as and when they dream...Is it really possible?

Present Job Market scenario:

Hi all,

Today in this world of cut throat competition, almost all of the Graduates and Post-graduates are expecting to get something really bigger of their choice well in advance in their hands.But is it that simple one to expect? If it so then do they really deserve it?

As per the statistics, one in every 1 Lakh babies who attend their Pre-KG is getting a chance to do their PG in India. I'm seeing more than 15 -20 Lakhs Graduates and Post Graduates are coming out new in the market every year in India. But are they really fully qualified, except possessing the degree? In my opinion certainly not.Only 1-5 % of the total do real efforts to add meaning to their degree by taking extra efforts. If you see the present average salary of the fresher be it a Graduate or a Post Graduate it is not more than 10-15 thousands of INR. Most of the freshers interviews are turning to be a mockery with most of the candidates unable to even express themselves .

What is lacking?

Though n number of things are expected from one in a job hunt, the following are very much lacking in the present generation.

Practical Knowledge

communication skills ( Both Listening and expressing)

Self- Evaluation

Market Analysis( having a broader spectrum of the Job market and its needs)

Foresight and vision ( Futuristic approach)

Self- Improvement based on needs

Gaining experise

The salary is based on the expertise one is possessing in them. Expertise comes from the experience and how can a fresher gain expertise? The fresher should opt for the Part time jobs as much possible on the toughest possible jobs. Many companies do give plenty of wonderful opportunity to freshers if they are ready to work on weekends without getting any salary. Also each one of them should be Self-introspective and go on self -improvement periodically . Finally it is not the salary one is getting matters in uncertain job market but the expertise gained because that will be the basis for the certainty over the job in the long run.
Gaining expertise at any cost if considered as a main objective by a student then for sure there will be no term called 'Unemployment ' or 'Underemployment' as it is existing now.
With Command over the job one can win the World with flying colours.!


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Nov 2013 (#)

Very inforamtive, indeed!

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