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Great tips for working professionals with advance to next level and make work more fun!

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As a working professional you should always know that skills and talents earned during your career should create a brand. No matter how many career advisors you talk to, furthering your career is up to you and as a working professional your primary aim should be to get recognized at your workplace and be given the opportunity to grow. You should not be reliant on others to recognize you and take the initiative yourself. Here are some tips that will help your further your career.

Getting raises

As discussed earlier, you should not expect your employer to know the milestones you have achieved as a professional. Every achievement at the workplace should be documented by you so you are able to provide a valid reason for getting a raise. You should also show your employer every extra task that you do outside the scope of your job description and show the ones that are important to your boss. Instead of being completely direct about getting a raise of promotion you should not be too direct and have a polite approach. In case your request for a raise is rejected you should not react negatively and show your employer that you are willing to work harder for the raise that you deserve.

Getting additional degrees and certificates

It’s never a bad time to study and the more you certifications or degrees you have in your kitty the better your chances of moving upward. There are countless industry certification programs that allow you to display and document your skills. You can also consider undergoing a top quality leadership training program to get into a managerial role. If you ever hit a stagnant position where your chances of getting a promotion look dim because of your qualifications, you should consider taking up a part time or full time course to take your education to the next level. It is well-known fact that MBAs climb the career ladder faster that their non-MBA peers. If you are willing to take a break for a year there are many full time one year MBA programs and some niche programs for those wanting to make a career in a specific industry.

Handle performance reviews with tact

Any time you are subjected to a performance development review, you should take it as an opportunity where you can discuss any difficulties you have at the workplace or offer suggestions regarding the workload, work culture or overtime. If you feel any organizational policy is affecting your performance, you should speak up about it. It will allow you to have a better relationship with your employer by showing that you are open about the workplace and are willing to work harder if certain considerations are done for you or improvements in organizational policies are made.

Opt in for a career break

Sometimes a little break from work might be the perfect way to re-energize yourself and allow you to be ready for more challenges at the workplace. Often, it leads to renewed enthusiasm and the ability to work harder. Before you take a career break you should inform your employer and consider the solutions that can be worked out in your absence. You could plan out something for your employer or find out a contractual employee who is willing to work during your absence.

Smart work is not hard work

Just because you work harder than everyone else does not mean you are more efficient than everyone else. You should acquire time management skills and better your decision making so you can achieve the same results in others in less time compared to others without making any compromises. While being able to multitask is a great asset, you should focus on one task at a time. Stay away from all distractions like your phone, personal email and other things during work. It will allow you to be more committed to your work and finish work faster as well. Take a break once every 3 to 6 months to remain at the top of your productivity when you are at work.

These are some of the tips for professionals to further their career and help them reach the top of the ladder in a corporate environment.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Oct 2015 (#)

Well written with good tips. We can reach whatever level we want if we are focused and ready to put in the effort.

I feel the best boss is to work for oneself and then we get truly rewarded for our potential and effort put in - siva

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