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This is a quick overview of managing conflict for human resource personnel, it will review issues and provide ways to resolve those issues

Addressing issues before they arise.

Addressing issues before they arise.

Many organizations are team based organizations that focuses on the strengths, ideas and experiences of a culturally diverse group of members to face the challenges of the global market. In using a diverse team setting it is inevitable that you find conflict at times or in the ways that some address situations or handle issues. Communication is vital aspect that keeps many issues from becoming permanent problems, but in order for good communication to overcome issues every team member must be open to communication and a diverse set of ideas.

The team settings provide a proven approach that improves productivity, creativity, and positive growth. However, as with any venture, the addition of numerous personalities
is likely to complicate the unity of the group if all members are not open to the diversity of the group as a whole. “Conflict arises from the clash of perceptions, goals, or values in an arena where people care about the outcome” (Alessandra, 1993, p. 92). When communication break downs occur it is important to understand how and why they occurred so they can be addressed the first time and not become recurring issues that will hold back the team success.

Single Member Issues

In these types of situations, the issue is being caused by the communication of only a single
member. The first priority of any problem is to identify and understand what the root of the problem is. If there is a miscommunication, you must locate what was misunderstood and find the solution. Often times if the issue is being caused by only one member on a repetitive basis, a manager will be able to discern that that individual has communication problems that may require training.

If these issues are recurring from a single member, the whole team may have already become aware of the issue. If the group is designed as a leader-driven team, then the leader or manager should be notified and intervene to stop recurring issues from forming. If the group has no designated leader role, then it becomes the responsibility of the group to address the issue as a whole and correct the misunderstandings in order to move forward with good communication and properly received information.

Multi Member Issues

Occasionally conflict arises between two team members in issues that have little to do with other member of the team. This may be due to cooperative work or just personal issues, but the conflict of those members can still affect the progress of the group. Issues of a personal matter should be swiftly dispelled and the focus shifted back to the workplace. If the members have cultural issues among themselves it will be up to the company to determine if either side is an improper fit for culturally diverse teams.

“Many people and organizations view conflict as a negative, or something to be avoided. Yet conflict, differences, or disagreements are a natural result of people working together. Also, without conflict, teams can become complacent and not perform at optimum levels.” (Alessandra, 1993, p. 92). Defining the issue and then working together to address and correct miscommunication that will help each member of the team understand and give them a new perspective on the focus of the team. Communication is the key, and many problems can be solved by simply talking them out.


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Very good post, this is a normal scenario in an office.

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