How much money would it take YOU to be happy?

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Do you feel happier when your savings account is full? Do you have to have a lot of money or you just don’t want to feel; happy with that money? We all heard of that person living on the streets that are perfectly happy while a person making 10 million a year won’t be happy until he has another Mercedes.

Not everybody has a break in life

Not everybody gets a break in life. Some people like a lady I will name later on in this article For the longest time she got up at 5 am and got dressed and did whatever else she had to do before work. Then she walked two miles as she had no car, to a being a waitress until noon. That wasn’t her whole job. She then walked the two miles back home. She then gets cleaned up from her morning job and then walked three miles to a bartending job until 1 is and either walk home or hope she can get somebody at her job to drive her. People feel bad when they need more money about their life and its situation.

Why people feel better making $2,000 a month

The Brookings Institution looked at the data numbers of the Gallup Poll about how much happier people would be if they make more than $2,000. Those who make less than $2,000 are almost on the poverty list for the United States in 2013.

They also discovered that those who are in the upper income didn’t get as depressed as easily. I think it is because they might have to choose one of the following three Medicine for Jill your daughter with pneumonia, pay the light or water bill and paying the mortgage. That might make a person get depressed plus feel the anxiety and worry about taking care of your family.

Money and feelings

But, of course, some people can be massively wealthy and still not be happy. In 2010, there was a study done by economist Angus Deaton and psychologist Kahneman both from Princeton University. This study interviewed 450,000 people about how they felt that their day was the day before. They specifically asked them if they felt their best and were living their best they can ever live. They didn’t leave out the question of their average monthly income.

How much the average person would be satisfied making each month and year

They found people who have less than 1,000 a month and were divorced over half those people were sad about it. But those who are divorced goes down to twenty-four percent if they made over $3,000. They came to the conclusion with this study. As long as a person makes $75 Thousand dollars a year, will be happy. The reason for this is because they don’t have to worry if they can get food on their table for their family.

But not all are happy with millions. A former professor at the University of Pennsylvnaia, Ron Anderson says that “There are hedge fund managers who are not satisfied with #10 million, They need a jet and a yacht and another $50 million

Linda Tirando and her new success

Do you wonder whatever happened to the lady with two jobs and no car? Her name is Linda Tirado wrote a blog post that went the new cliché it went viral. She got an offer to publish her in a book, and she wrote “Hand and Mouth Living in Bootstrap America.” And she got a better paying one job of writing.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Jul 2015 (#)

I have moved closely with the poorest and the richest. The poor are easy to please but the rich quite tough! I feel one gets happiness being useful to society and having enough. I have limited assets and no liabilities and can say I am contented and feel blessed.

Thanks for this share - siva

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