How to handle difficult colleagues

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When confronting a fellow colleague one should make sure that they honestly speak out how the behavior of the person is affecting their line of work.

How to handle difficult colleagues

Difficult colleagues are found in every company, as an individual one has to learn how to deal with this type of people who can be a pain sometimes yet one has to work with them. There are several means an individual can apply to deal with such people and still do their duties well.

Find out the Problem - Is the colleague having some difficulties in accomplishing their tasks or are they frustrated? When under some sort of stress some people may not know how to handle the situation and in return they end up making everyone else s life difficult at work. When the root cause of the problem is discovered then it can be dealt with and the colleague will cease to be hostile and difficult making everyone else s work much easier.

Is there a problem or not? Sometimes there may be no problem with a colleague, it may be that an individual is the actual problem, and not the colleague. It is very important to self analyze oneself to make sure that they themselves are not the root cause of the problem. An individual has to be honest in this case and critically look deep into themselves to make sure that they are not part of the problem.

How to deal with the problem - If the problem is affecting ones work then they themselves have to try and deal with the problem, but if a person who oversees the colleague in question or department is more equipped to deal with the problem then they should refer to the concerned person to sort it out. One should avoid trying to deal with a problem that is too big for them, sometimes it may even be a very sensitive issue that only a few colleagues are capable of dealing with.The best thing to do in this case is to report the matter to someone higher in authority who will sort out the problem.

Overturn the problem - Sometimes there are colleagues who may seem stuck in their ways, in this case this would be called a difference rather than a difficulty and there are ways to go around it positively. For example if a colleague is a slow starter and they pick up their speed during the afternoons and evenings then maybe changing their work shift from mornings to afternoons is a good way of dealing with the problem.

Open discussions - This is a good way of finding out from the colleague why they behave in a certain way while at work, it is important however for an individual to remain calm and patient during such talks. Sometimes a colleague may be faced with a problem but may not know how to air out their grievances unless when given a chance such as this. It is better to hear from the person affected what is really going on rather than work with assumption. During such forums one should listen and respond appropriately, any venting out of anger towards the colleague will only turn it into an argument session.

Handle the situation maturely - When confronting a fellow colleague one should make sure that they honestly speak out how the behavior of the person is affecting their line of work. Documenting the areas of concern should be done so that there is a clear flow of direction during the meeting. It is very important that a working relationship is maintained in the midst of all these discussions with the difficult colleague. An individual should not go into personal accusations when dealing with this problem, keeping it professional is a smart move.


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