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.To appear before an interview board is a tough job if the candidate does not get himself or herself prepared with a considerable period of time to face it. All it depends on what kind of job he or she is aiming at.. It is the personality that carries weight to get the interview board through successfully.


Interview board is a board of 3 or more members chaired by chairperson .The examining authorities invite the successful candidates to appear before the interview board on two sessions -morning session and afternoon session .. The chairman and the other members asses the suitability of the candidates required for the job. They asses their personality, their positive thinking , their depth of knowledge about studies their intuition to tackle the situation in the given circumstances. The chairperson and other members critically analyze the bio-data and the score sheets of the written examinations before they proceed to their interview sessions. They identify the strong and weak points of the candidates so as to enable them to concentrate on these topics they like to judge them in question and answer forms . The interview board , sometimes, put questions of general knowledge and current affairs of the country as well as the world to ascertain their depth and alertness.. They asses their manners , etiquette and articulation of speech in the interview board . The interview sessions may be of question and answer session ,.open session , closed door session. and liberal discussion session. The candidates should be cautious about their approach in answering the critical and tricky questions so that they may not be entangled in the complexity o replies. The board tries to ascertain the negative qualities of the candidates by putting hypothetical questions before the candidates.

How they are prepared to face the interview board .

At last the successful candidates have reached the last phase of facing the interview board and winning over it. The candidates should be well dressed . Their shirts should be light colored and befitting to the trousers. The ladies should wear light colored saris . It is not very wise to wear deep colored shirts or saris. The male candidates should be clean shaven along with proper hair cut. They should wear smiling faces and be of pleasing personality. They should be self confident and a good listener .Their outlook should be positive. They should be thorough about their educational background ,their studies right from the school days to college/ university days,their hobbies. They should have glanced over morning news papers before they appear before the interview board. They should have reached to the interview hall well in time so that they may take rest there and feel comfortable. It is also pertinent to note that they should converse with other candidates freely in a formal manner.Those who are closed personality . generally do not open their mouth .Their behavior should be positive and polite towards the employees of the interview hall. They should be attentive while answering the questions and have eye contact with the member of the interview board. Due honor should be given to all members of the interview board including chairperson.


The well prepared ,positive personality faces the interview boldly and hopes that he or she can come out successful . They should not grumble over the questions he or she could not respond in the interview board. If you are a fresher, you will get next chance to succeed in the attempt.


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