Is Having a Professional Career the Answer to Financial Independence or Success?

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Working as a Human Resource Specialist for 13 years, the writer finds difficulty meeting her goal of financial freedom. Is freelance writing the answer to her goal? What are the steps to take if you plan to change your source of livelihood from a secured regular work to a freelancer? Which is more practical?

Is Going Freelance Easy

If a person is already successful in his current career, would it be wise to resign and take a step towards his or her interest?

I have been contemplating this thing for a very long period already. Currently, I have a secured-well paying job but the issue is that I am not so happy with it because of the pressure and regularity of doing the same job day in and day out.

I love writing and I find ease putting into words the ideas that I have as well as opinions. I dream of being successful online with my writing skills and sharing my ideas. I even created a blog that would literally help freelancers online to find resources that would really pay. In the process, I learned a lot of things.

Part of the learning gained from the experience of writing online is the realization that it is not really easy to achieve financial freedom online. It is possible but it is not easy work. One must know the ins and outs and must really be talented or skilled that contractors would offer to pay you for your services. Writing is not the only skill that one needs to be successful online. You need to have marketing or skills in sales because you would have to market yourself or your articles.

Writing is the most lucrative means for freelancers aside for web or software development. Office work like data entry jobs don't really give great returns for your effort. If one is really good, you can get paid $8 to $10 per article of 500 words. If you can finish writing 5 articles a day, you at least earn $40 in less than 8 hours. This is one of the advantage of working freelance than having a regular job.

What Are The Requirements If You Work Freelance?

You have to consider a lot of factors. One is that you must have self-discipline. Working from home, there are several distractions that you would encounter. Mine is the television and my niece who always (as it seems) wanted to play with me when I am in the mode of writing or working. The solution to these is that you focus on the task at hand and set a time for you to really focus on your job. Also, you must have a room that you can work at so that your family members will not disrupt you.

Another consideration, if you are a writer, you must keep on learning. Read as much as you can so that you can write about several topics and not be tied with just few ideas. Being a good writer, you need to be "teachable". Remember, you cannot give what you don't have. As a writer, you teach your readers. Keep on learning so that you can give them a lot.

Remember your priorities. It is easy to get lost with work. Sometimes, you will get frustrated that you didn't meet much of your income target when you go on freelance. Tendency is that you keep on sourcing for job and forget the very reason you quit your regular job. Some says they want time with family and some says they want more time to spend for themselves. When you work on freelance, there's a big chance that you get hooked with the virtual world. Remind yourself that it is still better to spend more time in person-to-person meeting or interaction to develop your social skills and relationship, than being tied to your chair browsing to social networks or communicating your thoughts to others.

These are just some of the factors to consider. Don't quit your regular job yet if you are not earning the same amount with freelancing. When you exceeded the income you gain from regular work through freelance job, then it could be the right timing to consider changing your career. Only during that time can you say you have financial freedom.


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