Is There a Correlation Between Our Language and Wealth Building?

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The wellness of health is conceived , created and enjoyed in mind than in body. - Anuj Somany

How Language Influences Wealth

Ozgun Atasoy writes for Scientific American: Is there a correlation between the language we speak and how healthy or rich we will be? Keith Chen of Yale Business School, who recently researched the topic proposes that there is. Our mental awareness and choices about the future are connected to the structure of languages. With that said, the long-term consequences will impact the essence of who we become. There has been an inordinate amount of resources allotted to researching how we cope with the future. To illustrate, the legendary marshmallow studies of Walter Mischel and collaborators revealed that being able to defy temptation is indicative of future success. During the marshmallow studies, the instructor distributed marshmallows to four-year-old participants. They were informed that if they did not consume that marshmallow and waited for the return of the instructor, they would receive two marshmallows opposed of one. Subsequent studies demonstrated that the kids who had the capacity to wait for a greater futuristic reward became more successful young adults.

Delay Instant Gratification

What can one conclude from the study thus far? It is essential to avoid seeking instant gratification if one is to achieve outcomes that we cherish more. We long to loose weight, but we crave an additional slice of chocolate cake. Also, we desire to have a plush retirement, but we have to have a car that will be the envy of our neighbors. Some individuals cope with prolonging instant gratification better than others. Those individuals have a propensity for creating wealth and maintaining a healthy life style. The likelihood that they will indulge in risky behaviors are minimal. Chen’s recent findings supported a theory, that language is a vital factor which influences our future-oriented behavior. How we differentiate between the present and the future is contingent upon the specific language. Furthermore, the research data implies that individuals who are fluent in languages that faintly delineates the present and the future are more equipped for the future. Moreover, this segment of society amasses more wealth and is prone to maintain their health. Finally, it is characteristic of this group to envision the future similar to the manner that they envision the present. Hence, the future is not perceived to be an abstract concept and this is conducive to them acting in accordance with their future interests.

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