Job Opportunities for an MA in Psychology

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Earning an M.A. in psychology opens up many lucrative career possibilities. Pursuing a PhD. in psychology usually requires five to seven years; an M.A., on the other hand, takes between two and three years. According to the need for psychologists is expected to increase in three particular areas: public schools, mental health centers and the business world.

School Psychologists

Elementary and secondary schools rely on psychologists to help create a healthy learning environment for children. School counseling is expected to be the most rapidly developing field for people holding an M.A. degree in psychology. School counselors work with students, parents, teachers and other school personnel. The work includes helping children with learning, behavioral and emotional problems and finding the appropriate mental health resources for children and families when necessary. According to, school psychologists earn between $45,750 and $66,101.

Mental Health Counselors

Mental health centers provide health care services to their local communities. Psychologists work with children, adolescents and adults to address issues that affect their mental and physical health. The issues range from developmental and adjustment disorders, substance abuse, anxiety and mood problems, and cognitive disorders. Psychologists employ analytical and counseling skills to help individual clients and families to make healthier lifestyle choices. According to, the salary for mental health counselors averages between $34,000 and $46,537.

Industrial Psychology

Many businesses and organizations rely on industrial psychologists for a number of purposes. Industrial psychologists use psychological principles and research methods to improve working conditions and to make employees more productive and satisfied with their jobs. Industrial psychologists serve a variety of functions, including being involved in the hiring, training and managing of the workforce. They also train managers in interviewing techniques and study workplace conditions and offer suggestions to make the workplace a safer and more just environment. Doing market and consumer research and interpreting statistics is also part of the job. Additional services include counseling and helping workers balance home life with work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an industrial psychologist in 2008 was $86,400.


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