Job haunt and few tips to consider

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No Matter how hard job haunt is on these days, these tips may help in some way.

Job haunt and few tips to consider

I know that on these recessionary days, it´s difficult to get a job. It doesn´t make much difference whether one´s fully qualified or not, but we seem not to fit in company profiles easily. However, we´ve to work to earn our income that will let us have a decent living. Here are few tips to consider in job haunt:
1. Do focus on one or two fields in which you´ve training, experience and preferbly good references from a previous company. Don´t put yourself on the haunt to just get anything, because this is exhausting and soul-breaking.
2. Have your CV always ready to submit it. A CV shouldn´t be longer than two pages, because no prospective employer will stay reading for a long time. They´re busy shots and they have to see it at a glance. Some people even include their pastimes, lifestyle and personal data. I wouldn´t as this should be a matter to talk when having an interview.
3. When getting this call that you´ve been craving for long, do agree for a personal interview whenever it suits them best. Hang up and do start preparing your interview: CV in hand and what you´re going to wear. If it´s a very serious company, dare not wear casual clothes. If possible go to the hairdresser´s, but ,above all, be punctual or still better a bit earlier than agreed. While you have a coffee in the surroundings, you´ll have a chance to have one more look to your CV, looks and the possible answers to the questions they might ask you (experience, why you left your job, etc., etc)
4. Look at the cartoon. This is a question that they ask in many companies and we forget way too often. What are you good at, really? Make a list.
5. Be serious at your job haunt whether you´re doing on-line or looking at newspapers. If you´re on the dole, this is your job and a schedule is necessary. Whatever the times you decide, but respect them.
6. Do not forget re-training or registering in a course that could give you more opportunities in your job haunt. Far too many unemployed reject this.
7. You´ve been a couple of years trying t get a job in the fields that you know well, have experience and even references, but you haven´t had a single call for a personal interview. Despair not nor waste your time, trying over and over again. Count your chickens and try in a different field in which you haven´t worked, but taking your education into account, you could work in it well, given a chance.
8. Many people, especially the young ones, think that studying isn´t worth, because one´s condemned to unemployment whether one has an education or not. This is wrong. An educated person will make a difference and no matter how difficult it is this person will achieve to get work against the uneducated ones.
9. Use your contacts if you think they may help you in some way.
10. In sumary, you need discipline, a schedule, and when you get a call for a personal interview, do not forget the three musts: punctuality, good looks and preparation.

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