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Going on a job interview? Even if you are fully prepared, there is always a change of a mistake that could be detrimental to landing the job. People often lose the job opportunity leaving them wondering what went wrong. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid during the interview:

1. Act As If You Are Perfect

Trusting yourself is one thing and pretending you are perfect is another. People often make the mistake to say that they are the perfect candidates for the job without showing any signs of doubt. This may be a handicap as you actually give the notion of a person with no self-awareness especially when it is clear that you lack skills. When the interviewer asks you if you can pull it through, do not be afraid to say ‘I am not sure, but I know I will do my best’. He is not trying to find a reason not to hire you but to find the perfect place for you in the company.

2. Be Quiet

Do not be afraid to speak up. Even if you are shy, try not to just answer the questions with a simple yes or no. Show your future boss that you can communicate and will not hide behind your desk every time a customer will ask you something. If you need work in this field, practice a lot before the interview. Ask from your partner or friend to become the interviewer. Practice in front of a mirror but be strict with yourself.

3. Share Too Much

People repeatedly make the mistake to share too much personal info. Blame the rush or the adrenaline, this is a serious mistake that could really break the interview. Answer straight and forward to the questions. No reason to share moments of your personal life that have nothing to do with a job interview.

4. Answer your cell phone

Even if you were too nervous to remember to turn your mobile off, by all means, do not answer it! Apologize for forgetting to turn it off and show that you really mean it. Let your interviewer see that you take this seriously and not just wasting his time.

5. Neglect to Learn the Company

Search and find as much as possible as you can. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a job interview and asking what exactly does this company do. It is ok to ask details of what exactly you will do but it is not accepted not to know the field in which you are trying to get a job.

6. Don’t Ask Too Much

Show your future boss that you really care for the work. Ask details of your obligations, work time hours, department you will be working in, salary, managerial behavior of the company and so on. Do not just say who you are and what you do. Let them know you are interested in making this work.

7. Dress for a Party and Not for a Job Interview

Believe it or not, many candidates lost the job due to inappropriate clothing. This is not a trendy party; this is a job you want so much and you have to be serious about it. Your appearance counts more than you think and the first impression is everything. Clothing and accessories have to be classic and not the latest trend.

8. Interrupt the Interviewer

If you cannot wait to tell how good you are for the job, bite your lips, take deep breaths but certainly do not interrupt your interviewer! Even if he says too much and you just want to cut into the chase, be patient and let him finish. For many employers, this will be the number one reason to deny hiring you. Show that you respect him and you can at least wait until he finishes his sentence.

9. Criticize Your Previous Boss

Even if he made your life a living hell, it is not appropriate to discuss it with your future boss. You will only make your interviewer think that someday, you will be talking for him like that to another boss.

A job interview can be a daunting task. Prepare for it, memorize your resume, dress up for it and astonish your interviewer with your skills. Good luck!


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author avatar smoothoperator
4th Aug 2010 (#)

It is written like a sing song. I am sure if someone reads this and yet fails in a job interview GOD also will wash off HIS hands.

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author avatar rena sandou
4th Aug 2010 (#)

:-))) I just loved your comment!! THANK YOU!! Have a wonderful day!!! :-)))

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author avatar Maria Papadopoulou
19th Aug 2010 (#)

I think you covered just about everything. Great guide.

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author avatar rena sandou
21st Aug 2010 (#)

Maria, thank you so much for your comment! Means a lot!

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
7th Mar 2011 (#)

You've listed out and explained all the best tips for a sure job.

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