Las Vegas need to change their at will employment laws

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Las Vegas nevada has the worst employment laws in the nation. I thought working in a communist country was more prideful. Why don't they just go back to stone age. Stop disrespecting employees and keeping it all for themselves.

No employment protection

We have no employment protection at all in Las Vegas. I've been here 6 years and literally went on 6k jobs interview and out of those 6k, 5k slapped me in the face due to my ethnicity. I just don't feel appreciated or equal in Vegas. There is no such thing as equality here in Vegas. They do not even follow federal laws let alone equality. This is why they call it sin city. I wished I had live still in CA, where there are so much employment protection. Here in Vegas, don't pull out a mortgage cause you never know when you will get term and they do not care if you do have a mortgage and ten children. Sin city needs to change for the better. We all need good jobs and jobs protection. Now, if you're in a union its different, and thank God for the union and I love the Union and they should definitely keep that up. The Union sure keep everyone happy and working but not all jobs here in NV have unions. The employment at will reads that you can be term at any point in time and no reason needed to be provided to you. Even if that reason is that you refused sexual advances from your superiors. Come on Congress in Nevada, wake up and smell the coffee, you're destroying our future and our happiness and rights as a US citizens. If you look at other state, they all have jobs protection. So, why are we being assaulted so much here in the workplace in NV. Let speak up Nevadans and do something about it.

Discrimination is outrages here in NV

Anyone who live in NV will tell you that they have been discriminated against at least 6 out of 10 times while seeking employment or while being employed. Sexual harassment is a normal thing here in Vegas, come on you must be 38ddd in order to seek jobs in the casino so men can stare at you lavishly, if that is not harassment, then I don't know what that is. Even if discrimination is not on paper, it will sure be when you meet someone at work. This is a very under educated state. Most folks here didn't even graduate from High School, cause they could get good jobs with just a one month training. Now its just a two weeks training, you can get a job that pays up to 100k a year. How about that? Even though employers say no discrimination and they will help you, its only on paper, and no they will not help you. If you ever contact hr for help they will fire you instead of helping you. Isn't that how it has always been. Its too tough here in NV. I'm thinking of doing a lot of protest to build up more unions or to at least change the employment laws and make it hard for employers to fire you. And if they do fire you, they have to provide a solid reason for it.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
22nd Oct 2014 (#)

Pity what many get away with murder nowadays!

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author avatar BubbaGump
13th Oct 2015 (#)

WHY do yu think vegas has the highest unemployment rate? no job protection

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