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Initial job seekers are those from jobless list, being selected for job needs skill and determination. Preparation, Finding Job Announcement, matching with own's choice and favorite make up the job's essence.

Looking for Jobs

Looking for job is the vital thing for young people around the world, sometimes it is easy for youths to find jobs; sometimes, it is not. This problem depends on the situation of each country. The Cambodian youths are clever as that of the Western countries, but Cambodian youths are more difficult than that of those countries because Cambodia is a poor country, underdeveloped country, and just finished the war; therefore, the situation, and other infrastructures of the country have not been improved yet, especially commercial law. All these points that have mentioned above make investors not decide to choose Cambodia to run their businesses, but there are still some foreign companies who have run their businesses in Cambodia. However there are many Cambodians who can get a good job because they do well and follow these points:

The first one is Setting the Goal. When you are a student in university, you should build your personal goal from the first year. Because this is very important for you, you should think about your future; what will you do when you graduate? How many years will you get that job? Besides this, you should study hard in university.

Studying skill course is the next step. After you have set the goal already and you have known what you will do in the future; for example, you want to be a manager of a foreign company, so you need to know what the required-inquiries are for complete this position. Only your knowledge in university can not help you to get this job; therefore, you should learn other skills such as computer literacy, communication skill, leadership skill, and English literacy…, these are the useful skills that can help you to get that job.

Reading job Announcement

You can find job announcement by read the newspaper there are many job announcement advertise on newspapers. You must read job announcement in order to know that what job is suit for you and relate to your knowledge and skill. Reading job announcement help you to know the address of work place where you can sent cover letter and CV for the position that you interest.

Making good cover letter and CV.

This is also important pint too, because the first success point depend on you cover letter and CV. the employer recognize you good person or not by reading your cover letter and CV, so if you have not good cover letter and CV you can not pass to interview list. Therefore you should make good cover letter and CV by follow the style of someone who gets success of job.

Asking experience

Beside of four point below, asking experience is next point that you should to know, because you can success and get job by learn experience form the person who have job. You should ask them some question for example, how can they get their job? What did they do before they get their job? And learn any other experience that you think good for you to success on interview.
In the conclusion, in my opinion, I thing that the student should study hard and more patient, learn much about experience form the person who get good job, specially analysis themselves about what is strangeness, and weakness.


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