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Looking for what to do next? Maybe what I have found can help you a bit!


When you are talking to some teenagers about jobs or careers, there are always some difficulties. This may be a common situation in recent years, which teenagers, especially those in the age between 25-30, don't quite know what they want to do for their careers.

This can be a critical issue. When one doesn't have an idea for what they are going to do, or want to do, he or she will just standstill.

What about me?

This is what the problem I am currently facing too.

I am an IT guy, but my pass experiences in this industry are not quite memorable. Work was hard and boring. I always ask "What do I love most? What should I do for my own career?". Even thousands of times that I have asked these questions to myself, I found no answers.

What I have found

Recently, I started changing some thoughts of mine. The changes are caused by only one reason. If you have read my previous posts, I am very interested in New Age theories. One of the famous quotes from New Age theories, are "You won't get what you want if you are looking for it".

I am not going to explain the details and why, as not everyone love theories. I just want to say, if we keep searching for our best career and jobs, we won't get one. Thus, what I have started doing is :

1. I change my mindset from "looking for good things from others" than "see the good things on me"

2. When I started doing these, I calm myself a little bit, as I am seeing something good, and good things makes us happy. If I keep looking for goods from outside world, I will urge myself to get something similar and make myself does some wrong decisions.

3. Started finding some "Costs" of others' "good things". Nothing is always good, and no one owns only good things without any costs. Look at what did they pay out for the goods in exchange, or what did they lost actually when they are enjoying the good (maybe time and money), and you will see their consequences may not be they attractive at all.

4. Then, I started concentrate on the goods of my, what I have. I will still plan for the future, and still got confuse, but I feeling a bit more calm. The I can think of a few possibilities:

a. technical path

b. business path

3. supporting path

5. Furthermore I can think of some disadvantages on why I am not suitable to those choices:

a. Not enough knowledge, hard and not enough rest

b. Obviously not a 'salesman', and not quite presentable, but this can be more 'eye-opening'

c. OK, but not enough $$ & bored

6. From these, I can think of a few solutions:

a. Improve my knowledge, these can be useful for both 5a and 5b, maybe 5c also, I am not sure.

b. I am not presentable because I am not talkative, and this is caused by not enough 'thoughts' in my head which can be talk about. Maybe if I done 6a, these problem can be solved

c. 5c cannot be solved. I can do well on those jobs, but the money problem is fixed and no solution can be think of. So, if I am going to take path C, I will need to find some extra ways to get more money, which may, or may not be success.

To Conclude

So, after all these process, I got some ideas. Although I still don't know what jobs I should look for, but I know that I need to learn something new to improve the opportunites that i can found in my career path, and also learn more about the things which can interest me, so that if I fall in to problems mentioned in 5c, I can still have a plan b.

These maybe useful, or may not. But, at this moment, this is a very important steps for me to move forward. If you are also facing similar problems, I don't know how to help. But, I will suggest you to calm down, take a pen and write down you thoughts. This will calm you down, and make you easier to concentrate on thinking of your next step.

If you don't have these problems, that's good, and how about you share your experiences and thoughts to others who are still confusing? Maybe, though this process, you can get some new ideas for your life too!


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th Apr 2014 (#)

interesting indeed...

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author avatar Ptrikha
21st May 2014 (#)

Perhaps many of us go through an early or Mide-career phase crisis(or mini-crisis), when we are on crossroads, and need to do a deep thinking. Calmness helps, But at times, we have to make hard decisions. Thanks for sharing this article.

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