Mass number of people will retire in Southwestern Pennsylvania

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There is a problem that will be stewing in Pennsylvania soon, especially in the southwestern part of the state. In the next ten years or from around 2015 to 2025-6 there are going to be 278.000 older people that are going to retire . The people of this part of the state aren't ready to have that many vacated jobs and enough skilled enough to fill those jobs.

Pennsylvania has a problem

The Allegheny Conference on Community Development said at a meeting in Pittsburgh, a city in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania, says the area needs 100,000 people to fill those jobs that will be opening because of the soon mass retirement coming.

Opportunity for southwestern Pennsylvania students

Morgan O'Brien, the CEO of People's natural gas and chairman of the Allegheny Conference said the area is entirely going to change in demographics, and it's an opportunity to get the young adults of the area just getting ready to graduate high school or from a University or College to get a decent job. If they get these jobs, they will have a living wage that they aren't one illness or emergency away from bankruptcy and still be able to pay back student loans. They may even be able to afford to move out of mom and dad's house.

Making good money when older people retire

According to Morgan O'Brien , who said what the employers have to do give the jobs the older people are retiring and give them to younger people . The Allegheny Conference says they are going to have to get forceful getting these young people baby boomers former jobs by offering the jobs with good money.

Beaver County and older people retiring

Beaver county, located in the southwestern part of the state has the President of the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce; Jack Manning says the employers of BEAVER county are getting ready for the mass exodus of retirements They plan to solve the problem before the retirements and hope their way of solving problems will help.

Jack Manning of the Chamber of Commerce say they are trying to get school kids starting in middle school and high school to be interested in the jobs that are going to be vacated . He wanted to get the school students interested in the STEM studies. The word stem is an acronym meaning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. If the students study these subjects extra hard before college years, then the student could major in one of them according to their area of interest and get a goof job from a retiree when they graduate.

STEM studies

The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce had already gone to 14 school districts in Beaver County and talked about how great the opportunities are for a good job if you go for the STEM studies. Jack Manning said they went to teach those students and teachers how important and how many jobs of those areas will be vacated. They have to get through to the kids who hate all the STEM studies as it is a thing of a future. They may hate the subjects because they did better I their English and Literature classes or businesses classes. But if they ask questions in class and study for the tests . If they want a good job in STEM , and they are that bad, they can see if they can get their parents to hire them a tutor. It was a good idea to go to the schools and tell students about STEM jobs as that is going it where the money is when they get out of school. They have to learn it with all their effort.

Ways Beaver County is preparing to fill the jobs of those retiring

The businesses in Beaver County are going to do all they can do to make sure they don' have jobs left vacant by the retirees and left with jobs they can't find somebody qualified to take over the job.

The president of a polyurethane and rubber manufacturer called Q-cast is named Bob Libke . He is smart and working with Community College of Beaver County to make sure they are educating students for the jobs he needs so he can have. Like some people come out of Community College and go to work for him,. Libke says the county must keep up with everybody that will be able to fill all the jobs they will be left empty when the person who did the job retires,.

The manager for Job Training for Beaver County, Inc. Rich Strothers said the same thing as Bob Libke of Q-cast company, by saying the hardest jobs that they have to feel are going to be manufacturing jobs. There are going to be a lot of job openings , and they might not be able to fill the jobs.

Bob Strother is also taking actions for when his older workers retire. He has a program of learning on the job where he gets a young person who the older person who knows the job. When the worker retirees the worker who shadowed them will move into that job .

Stonesifer, Jared "Beaver County Officials Preparing for Baby Boomer Retirees ." Beaver County Times 6-7 November 2015: 1+ print

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