Moving Into The Future

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This is an essay I wrote about my plans for the future when I was in college.

Moving Into The Future

I am in an environment I do not find challenging. I work in a family restaurant as a server. Every time food and gas prices go up my income suffers. I made over $15.00 an hour and sometimes more including tips when I started working there. I enrolled in CTU because I wanted to find a better way to make an income, which pays more and has medical and dental benefits. I have no medical and dental benefits now. I pay out of pocket for medical and dental needs. I refuse to get government assistance. The people who own the restaurant show their appreciation for us by rewarding us with an anniversary pay each year. The first year it is $100.00 for our one year of working for them. After that it is $150.00 for each year. I like the owners and I like a majority of the people I work with, but I have to move on to bigger and better things. The wages for servers has not increased since Ronald Regan was president. He didn’t allow for the hard times such as now we would be facing. I get paid by the hour this ridicules sum. Believe it or not I get $2.13 an hour. How can someone live on this amount? It isn’t easy lately. I must tell you when I started working at Austin’s steakhouse over 3 years ago I made a lot of money in tips to make up for such low pay. As the economy gets worse, so does my income. I have never made as little as I do now.
My job has never been a challenge. The only reason I stayed there so long is the atmosphere and tips. I have gained many regular customers. I get along with co workers like we are a big happy family. My co workers for the majority keep me laughing. I enrolled in CTU November 2006 to learn a new job. I wanted to be a manager myself. I could have just asked for manager training where I am, but I believe I want to get out of the restaurant business all together. Since I enjoy talking with the public I decided I wanted to become involved in public relations. I found out what these people while researching for an assignment in a previous class. Not only would it be possible to make $80,000.00 to $90,000.00 a year or more, but I would be in a job where I talked with the public. The fact I would get benefits and get to travel were also motivations to enter this field. I only have 9 months left before I graduate from CTU. I am going to start looking for an entry level position very soon.
At one time when I first started working where I am I had a manager who seemed to pick on me. No matter how well I did my job, she had to say something leaving me feel inadequate. I started getting upset with her until I finally had a discussion with the other managers about the situation hoping they would talk with her. I even tried to tell her I was doing my job well. I finally approached the owner and he talked with her. I was not the only employee she treated this way. I did not know she was under pressure from her fiancé about how many hours she worked. Later on she demoted herself. She now works the front line where people turn in their meal orders. There would be no difference in my actions to seek a higher paying job. I have managers I enjoy working with now. I just think servers have no future.
If there was a future in being a server, I never would have taken the time to learn new things with CTU. It was never about challenge. Sometimes I get customers who present a challenge. Some can be down right obnoxious and demanding. No my fellow students, this girl wants to see the world and make a difference. I want to make lots of money doing what I love best. What I love best is meeting people from different walks of life and learning from them. To me everyday is a learning experience. I have multinational friends. I already know people from all over the world. I like good causes. It is time to move on with my life. It is time to make a difference.

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