Never Give Up, Success Is Around The Corner (Working and Pushing To The Front)

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We are all ultimately responsible for ourselves, especailly if we have the consciousness behind ourselves. Ultimately we are as genuinely successful and happy as we make up our minds to be through our actions.

A simple premise.

Everybody is as happy as they make up their minds to be. Sticking to what we really want in a productive way leads to it. Without that persistence, perseverance and productiveness, we all get nothing. With that "stubbornness", we all get something. With that powerful, persistent, yet "unrealistic" thinking, we get everything. It is all a matter of pushing to the front in our personal reality, not sitting in the back waiting for an "entitilement".

We create our livings through our actions, thoughts, and initiative. The back seat is the worst place to be if we want control of our lives at any level: physical, mental, spiritual or anything in between.

I remember the first principle of life my Dad told me, "you either do or you don't." That sticks with me like glue. You either do what you need to and want to, or do not do what you need to and want to. Even if there is a sense of entitlement, there is a choice to be made.

So, this is the simple premise of this article and the simple premise all the sections of this article will be based on: Do the right thing, and the right outcome will happen.

I know, there will be some temporary failures and setbacks, but ultimately, genuine intention will prevail if you persist. If you genuinely quit, how can you succeed in any way anyhow? You cannot. So, I end this section with a simple premise and a quote from Henry Ford:

If you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.

Creating a genuine winner

The most realistic way to achieve definite success is to fail all the time, and know what fails so that you can know what ultimately succeeds. With that, I begin this part of the article on creating a winner: Sure, George Herman "Babe" Ruth struck out more times than he succeeded at home run hits (same with Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron later), but that is the key to his genuine and lasting success, the fact that not a single good effort is ever lost if it is consistent. A genuine failure, expects to succeed all the time, even on the first try. A polite term for that sort of failure is "genuine gambling" and the most unsure way to success there is, because you are depending on that "initial pork belly contract that falls through to get you over to millionaire instantly". That never works. Be willing to fail forward and understand what works and what does not work, and you will genuinely get somewhere like Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron or George Herman "Babe" Ruth with their home run records and attempts. Cheating is not innovation, it is cheating. You may impress some with the "short cuts" temporarily and play it off for awhile, but nothing succeeds like from the ground, failing forward at first success!

When Napoleon Hill said, every failure has an equivalent success on the opposite end of it, the above is what I know he meant, really. When he mentioned "cosmic habit force" in some of his later works, I also think that he meant that it takes that sort of persistent and patient understanding to genuinely win anything. That persistence and perseverance that does not quit and just changes approaches to genuinely succeed ultimately and genuinely. The biggest loss there is can be to genuinely quit or cheat your way up without any understanding or earning. To create a genuine winner, the only sure way is the so-called hard way that is from essence and genuine work and creating a way. How do you think the above mentioned Henry Ford really got the V-8 motor through for his cars. If there is not a way from "point A" to "point B", you Conceive, Create and Conceptualize as your "point C". That is the key to creating a genuine winner even if "you cannot succeed" or temporarily fail for a few seconds, minutes, days or months. Make yourself adaptable, make yourself creatively adaptable, and ultimately you will win through creative persistence. You either do or you don't.

Your duty and right to think

Note: I implied in the title of this section that it is your duty to think first and then your right to think. With that said, I begin this section. Think about it, to do anything right, everything needs to be thought out and intelligently done. Indeed, it is our duty to do the right thing for ourselves in life if we want to survive. But the right thing does not always seem like the easy thing to do. That is where the "rub" is. So, on this I partially quote and paraphrase Brian Tracy and Earl Nightingale: To only do what is pleasurable and easy is the path of losers, but the path of winners is to do what is needed and wanted in that order, and to do what is pleasurable as well as not pleasurable at times to get things genuinely done.

Indeed, it is a duty to work for yourself when it comes to survival right down to the most basic and unpleasurable work there can ever be at times that we do not want to do. Life is what we make it, and when we are winners we think and act on the best no matter how it may seem at the time we are doing it. When we are losers, we avoid reality and fear it. So, when I say we have the right to think, this is what I mean in reality: Real winning often comes unrecognizably and in work clothes that do not seem to count for anything desirable until we get our winning result.

So, to elaborate on the simple premise above: We are as human beings, as happy as we make up our minds to be, and happiness comes from logical, rational, working thinking and action, not avoidance or fear. In fact, the key to courageous living is to do winning actions willingly not desirable at times or desirable at times. So, I say to end that it is your duty and right to think, act and generate desirable or good results.

The reality of patience and perseverance

Instant, easy results are a silly expectation when going for a genuine and long-range goal. With that said, I will use the rest of the article to say this as a syllabus for this reality: All goals that are worth it are easily achieved even there are hard efforts involved at times, because you genuinely want them, yet a hard effort is a hard effort and an easy effort is an easy effort. But through all efforts you must adhere to the reality of patience, perseverance and genuine work on your own behalf.

Without patience and perseverance, there is an irrational and destructive rush for results which does not work. For patience and perseverance within yourself if you do not have it, is the ultimate self-made obstacle to tackle within yourself before your real success or "making it". Conscious success, and knowing how you did it and being able to repeat it is the best. Unconscious success or a lucky break is the worst, because it is not repeatable for the most part, unless you are incredibly fortunate. Get my point? Conscious success only comes through patience, perseverance, work, trial, error, realistic effort and understanding. To work toward the front of the line and genuinely get where you want to go, you must have these qualities. To stay at the back without getting anywhere, do it the "easy" way and nothing gets done at all. I did not make this up, this is simple and practical reality as it is.

The Grand Tour

You have put in the time, and you have put in the work, but you are not achieving results yet. This advice may incense you or make you angry, but it is a gift, because it is accurate. Get more involved, get more forceful, make a way if there is none. For creativity is power, waiting is not. I mean every word of that advice in the bold and italics. Life and opportunity wait for no one, and it usually comes unrecognizable in work clothes instead of a tuxedo. Get it?

I just gave you what I like to call a grand tour of what it really takes to succeed. It is a simple solution really, get more involved, get more forceful, set a goal that you would give your soul power and spiritual power to achieve and you are almost there where you want to be. Sure, the grand tour sounds simple, but, if you are reading this scared of what others think if you are so direct, well, is it? But if you are ready to take action, you are genuinely ready to take action and life is genuinely at your beck and call to genuinely win. That was your grand tour in this section, you have a choice where to go, take it!


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