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Tips on how to improve your job interview skills and increase your chances to get your dream job.

10 Most Asked Job Interview Questions

The job interview is the most important step in the job search process. How you present yourself will ultimately decide the outcome of your effort.

And the Top 10 are...

1. Tell Me Something About Yourself

2. Why Do You Want To Join This Company?
They want to know your motivations for joining the company. Do your research on the company, its culture and market. DO demonstrate to them how you can contribute to the company's goals and how your skills and experience match their requirements. Use concrete examples as if you were already working there.

3. Why Are You Looking For A New Job?
Some examples of answers that would work are below:
I wanted to move my career in a new direction. (Make sure you mention what this new direction is.)
My company was restructuring and I chose to seek better opportunities elsewhere.
I want to keep developing new skills but was unable to pursue this in my previous company. I decided to make a change to allow this to happen.

4. What Kind Of Position Are You Looking For?
Focus on your desired position and how your skills and experience can help you be an asset within that position.

5. What Do You Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses?
Be clear and concise about qualities that demonstrate you take responsibility for your work ethic, actions, and experiences learned (or failures) on the job, problem-solving ability, and values.

6. What Do You Know About Our Company?
This is where your research has come in handy. It is a way to demonstrate that you are serious about joining the company and was motivated enough to learn about it before the interview.

7. What Do You Consider Your Greatest Achievements?
Try to mention about 2-3 achievements. This is a way for interviewers to gauge how you managed people/projects/yourself in a successful manner - which can translate into how you may be able to succeed in the company if they hire you. Try to choose a set of achievements that allow you to display a variety of strengths.

8. Where Do You See Yourself One / Five Years From Now?
State realistic expectations and propose a real plan of where you intend to go within the company. Never sound overly confident, fearful or confused.

9. What Type Of Job Assignments Did You Perform In Your Last Job?
The key point here is to try to tell them about experience gained in areas that might be relevant to your new position.

10. When You Start A New Job, How Do You Establish Good Relationships With Your New Colleagues and Supervisors?
It is important here to be enthusiastic and positive. Tell them how you worked well with your past colleagues or peers in projects etc.

The bottomline is, be prepared, do your research, and understand the job you are being interviewed for and how your skills / personality / experience match the job's requirements. Close the interview with any last questions, pass on your namecard if you have one, thank them for their time and give a firm handshake before smiling and saying good bye.


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