Office 101 : How to Keep Competitive and Achieve Promotion

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Some practical ways to stay competitive in the office and achieve the promotion we always want.

Office 101 : How to Keep Competitive and Achieve Promotion

Keeping our job on this competitive world is not that easy specially that unemployment rate is increasing rapidly. Here are some ways to keep the edge from others.

BE PUNCTUAL. Attendance play an important role in the over-all evaluation of an employee and thus, “habitual” tardiness is heavily discouraged. Extended lunch periods should not be taken advantage of; arrive on time and leave on time. Being punctual is the first step in having a good impression in the office.

HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. A negative attitude is disruptive to the office environment while having a positive attitude is contagious to others that promotes teamwork.

DEVELOP TEAM RELATIONSHIPS. A team attitude develops good working relationships. Avoid “It’s not my job.”

ORGANIZE AND PRIORITIZE RESPONSIBILITIES. “Develop a feel” of what needs to be done immediately and what is important. After you had identified your priorities, find ways to work on a systematic way so that things are done in proper timetable to produce more results in a day.

BE FLEXIBLE. Being flexible means you are willing to do the job that is beyond your job description, and others can depend on you specially when help is needed most. Your superior and your co-workers will take notice of your extra effort that would feel you are an asset to the company. Take the initiative to help out, but be cautious on others who will take advantage of your availability.

BE RESOURCEFUL AND DO YOUR BEST. When working with limited information, do the best job possible with the resources and information available. On the other hand, try most possible ways to research
on the needed information to produce the expected output.

KEEP LEARNING. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, read a lot about the company, try new things that will add to your work knowledge. Update skills enforcing computer literacy and keep abreast of the current industry practices. Learning never ends unless you decide to stop learning.

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Great article and so true thanks for sharing.

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