One of the worst State in the US for an employee

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The worst state to work for. Hey, lawyers this is the state where you can make a great living suing businesses. Wow, they're still so cave man like stage.

The worst state in the US

I just have to tell you that if you're planning to work in Las Vegas NV, just know that its one of the worst state to work in in the US. Coming from a great state like Cali, I sure can't see why NV isn't the last state when it comes to rights of employees, following federal laws and even have Congressman that still has a job.

Almost every employer you have, you will face some sort of failing like sexual harassment, stalking, violence, illegal activity, fraud, scams, discrimination, and just plain mediocre. Yes, if you lived in a great state with tons of protection, try NV, and you will surely stroke out in one day of landing your job.

The details

On your first day of employment, you will probably already be sexually harass by one of your boss. Here in Vegas, its well known and documented that women sleep with bosses to keep their jobs. If you don't give in, you might get fire soon, and they will find anything to fire you off. They will pick on you like a Bulgar. Here, in Vegas, big boobies ladies get a priority and even if you're smart, forget about it, its all about the coconuts here in Vegas. Bosses are so used to large coconuts that they don't see above that to your mind. If you act dumb and show off your assets, you will more likely to keep your job.

Forget about Federal laws, employers here in Vegas don't follow them. They think they're the Mob here. They do what they want and most jobs are giving to unqualified friends of theirs and not qualified employees. Forget about flaunting your resume, its who you sleep with or pay kickbacks that you will get to work with. What kind of laws permits an employer to ask you to have 40ddd in order to serve burgers at Johnny rockets. But that is the deals ladies and you have to wear panties while serving burgers too.


Co-workers, Bosses might stalk the hell out of you. They get a hold of all your personal information and stalk the hell out of you. They will show up at your house, rob you or just harm you in any kind of way possible. It happened so many times to me before. Its like you made one penny at work and then ended up with hundreds and thousands dollars of damages. That is pretty much employment in NV. They're a failure and a huge embarrassment to locals. Employers don't do anything to protect your personal information either. They take it and sell it or make good use out of it like make fake ids and work card for illegals.

Outrage illegal workers

Sometimes, you're faced with fraud like employers allowing illegal workers to come and work with legals. Illegals mean they don't have the proper work card or might be felons with many felony but will work at jobs like law enforcement. It sure happened on many occasions here in Nevada. So, if you happened to be harassed by a law enforcement, you probably should double check to see if he's actually wearing a valid badge and not a stolen one that his company made for him, or that he had no Ids at all. Or that he looks like a felon, if so, he might be a felon.


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31st Oct 2015 (#)

Tough place to be in for sure - siva

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Interesting Post!

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awesome news

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