One rank, one pay? Let us analyze

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Government employees in India are fighting for "one rank one pay". But that would be unfair.

Compare ranks

A person sits in the office of Registrar of Companies, and half-studies the documents. There is air conditioner, and good ventilation. The tea reaches his table. The office boy is often used to get personal work done, such as go buy note books for kids from shop across, or buy some lunch for me from an eatery nearby. In the afternoon, the officer may choose to take permission and attend some discount sales close by, even though there is a lot of backlog. I am not even mentioning that bribes are often taken in such offices to move the files. In the evening the person may leave a few minutes early, and nobody will hold him responsible. It is, after all, a job of record keeper, nothing more. He gets to spend evenings with family. He is not dependent on others to look after them, should need arise, so under no obligation either.

Now look at a person working in armed forces of the same rank. He gets up early in the morning and has to run a few miles to keep himself fit and agile. He also carries some weight on his shoulder to be accustomed to doing that if and when need arises. There are other drills and arms exercises. His cannot afford to look shabby because it is the name of armed forces that takes beating. He does not have anyway to look after his children, or parents, other than during vacation, and when he is away from front. His life, of course, is at greater risk.

I just cited example of a person from armed forces. But persons of same rank are there in forestry department, and police force as well. All of them risk their lives for the nation and citizens of this country.

How can the two ranks be equal to get equal pay?


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author avatar snerfu
24th May 2015 (#)

Yes, I suppose those having jobs that are more dangerous should get more incentives and perks at least if not pay. But you know India...all talk and no action dominates all other rules.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th May 2015 (#)

Government jobs are taken as for life, but some carry risks and need high fitness levels apart from the inherent danger to life and limb.

I spent few years in a government company but I knew that is not for me to sit around, curry favors. When I jumped at private sector, some well meaning told me - take long leave just in case so that I can return. I said thanks, I have had more than enough for this life time. Some govt jobs are too inactive both mentally and physically and they are lucky to get paid - siva

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author avatar khanshahzad
24th May 2015 (#)

wow i am like your share keep sharing

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author avatar Ptrikha
27th May 2015 (#)

Indeed, factors like Physical safety, hazardous environment, climate, volume of everyday work, all these factors need to be factored in.

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