Participating in Surveys When You're A Senior? Not An Equal Opportunity Employer

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If you're over fifty, and you think you qualify for most surveys, think again! In spite of all the rhetoric about seniors making a little extra money filling out surveys, the reality is, most surveys are designed for younger people. Unless the survey is about health care or dentures adhesives, (or some other age-related topic) Seniors will find they have few surveys that they 'qualify for'.

After saving for years, Seniors are now spending money

I've been taking survey for several years. I'm an educated person, I can write, and have a life time of experience under my belt. I would be a good candidate for a person to contact regarding my opinion about services, products, preferred travel destinations, etc.
It's not that I'm not 'all those things' but I'm also something else. Over Sixty.

Since I reached the sixth decade mark, the survey and panel invitations all but dried up.
When they do come in, I don't advance beyond the first two qualifying questions: are you male or female? What is your age?
Answer that age question, and the 'moving survey bar' stops. Dead in its tracks.
Sorry, you don't qualify.

Now, it's insulting enough that most surveys don't pay at all while others compensate you for your time by a sweep-stake entry with a cash prize for the winner, but having to compete with hundred of thousand of people only to be disqualified after the first two or three questions is ridiculous.

I hate Charmin's "Call of Nature" commercial where the red bear dances around as he clutches the roll of toilet paper to his heart.
It has almost ruined me for camping out. I expect to find the Charmin bear swiping toilet paper from the campsite toilet. (But then, again, they didn't ask my opinion on the commercial.)

For some time I participated in surveys, but as I grew older, the invites become less frequent, and at this writing, have almost stopped.
It makes me boiling mad that there are still people who think that someone becomes a certain age and their opinions do not count.

It's a little like the feeling I have when I'm not represented in the Chico's or Cold Water Creek catalogs. I like the clothes in them, but I never see, as Marilyn Monroe would say in "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds"---"A girl like I" in one of them!

The purchasing power of senior citizens is increasing. This is a fact. We have money we want to spend. We spend money on clothes, candy, furniture, travel, and health care--
Just like our younger counterparts.

Younger people are busy raising a family, while, some of us (with children raised) are 'getting busy' spending our nest eggs. Or at least, taking a few eggs out the nest to spend on ourselves.

Senior Spend
It is a know fact that many seniors save when they're young, and when they get to the age of sixty-five, they start spending it again.

Now with many of us seniors dipping into our nest eggs, and going on vacations, why aren't our opinions (about nest eggs and vacations) being solicited?

Let's say a client wants our opinion on a five star hotel, or for that matter, wants our thoughts on the growing number of hotels that are 'pet friendly'.
Where is it written that when we hit a certain age, we must remain as silent (on the merits of pets being allowed in a five-star hotel) as Fido when muzzled.

37 million people in the 50-plus age group came together to create AARP

Senior Citizens have the power.
Thirty-seven million in the 50-plus age group came together to create AARP.
If that many people can come together to create such a powerful organization, but still not to be taken in account on a survey about items that they buy, use, and tell their friends about, what does that say about the accuracy of a survey that supposed to represent a diverse population?

Don't look now people, but the customer is King & Queen and the royal couple has white hair. There are many things I want to have a voice in, but I'm silenced by my answer to the second question on the survey. What is your age?

For instance, I love movies and watch them either in video or occasionally at the theater---but am I ever allowed to complete an opinion poll on one of them?

Not bloody likely! I'm not twenty-six anymore and it's assumed that I don't go to movies, or if I do I only watch films like "On Golden Pond" or ones where they don't have too much 'cursing'.
For the record I liked "Golden Pond" but I also liked "The Box" and "Avatar".)

When I agree to take the movie survey, I don't get past the age question before I'm stopped with "Sorry, survey study was filled for your particular demographic survey group."
A euphemism for: You're so old, you might doze off before Cameron Dias can open the wooden box.

A Pox on you and your surveys!
For all the people who disqualify me for a survey because of my age, a pox on you and all your demographic software.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
19th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you for explaining the reality of life.

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

Hint: Re-do your profile and subtract 20 years from you age. The surveys will pick up again almost immediately!

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