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Today's generation being very busy and working very hard to earn their living they deserve a hike in their salary,they give out their best at work whether its morning or evening and the managers just for name they don't do their jobs proper always expect a good salary and never will want to bow down in front of anybody...........

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As we know money rules the world,
Its not that if we work in any company they give us good money or so to earn that we have to slog a lot daily leave early from home and come late at night.Even sometIme's because of the work pressure we argue with our family members at home reason as we are so engrossed at work we hardly give time to our families which is wrong,Sometimes we like our work so much that we give our 100% at work not family although we work hard for the company they should take some initiative to see whose is working to complete all the office work given to them whether its the manager or the co-worker working under him,Many a times it has happened that the co-worker works very hard for a particular job given to him and if by chance the work comes out good the manager is being rewarded for his work not the co-worker which is absolutely wrong.I feel the management should not be dependant on the managers to do all their work they should also check as to who is doing what,then they will know that the manager only takes credit on behalf of them this then is related to pay negotiation if they don't find the co-worker working or any records given to the higher management about the co-worker they take immediate action which leads to termination of service or suspension for 4 days without salary,So every step taken from the company should be on trust basis not only words,so these managers also should be checked on monthly basis to see whether they do their jobs well rather than they smoking,drinking tea or chatting every time.
Action must be taken for all its a must and salaries to be paid as per their work....
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