Persistence Is The Ultimate Career Move

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This page and its content will consist of techniques to genuinely succeed in anything, including careers and jobs. Generally it will highlight the thing most needed to be a success in existence and life which is persistence.

Everything Is Possible When You Never Quit

To win, you must begin, many authorities and experts say. But I say this: To succeed, after you begin, you must continue, even when it is rough going for what is desired. That is where most people say good bye, and slack off their efforts or quit. But, that is where I really begin. I Begin at square one most of the time and never quit, even when failure stares me straight into the face in a whole and pure way. So, that brings me to a point, we are as happy and successful as we make up our minds to be and as the title says, everything is possible when you never quit. Especially when you really want a goal.
Anything you want really is one step past quitting time, though. Without that type of resolve, no success will visit you. Also, you depend on luck more than create success with the "quitting time is it and I am done" attitude.
A few feet past that last loss is the ultimate win, if you just keep on and be a "fake quitter" and change your approach at key moments. Let me explain what a "fake quitter" is: A "fake quitter" is someone who is flexible enough to change their approach when one approach or concept is not working and keep the same genuine goal while changing that approach. That means, it is not over until you win, and it does not matter how many times you have to change your approach.
Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz once said: "We all love to win, but who loves to train." The sort of success I am talking about and the failure is training and genuinely winning. Without resolve behind your success, there is not any real success. That is what I think that quote really means. Real failure is real permanent quitting without resolve to stay the course and nothing else.
So a few personal words from the author: I never quit, I never give up, I just change my approach when I need to. But, I do not abandon my core goals or genuine impetus to succeed at what I really want to do. To put it another way, I may change my position, but not my destination. To win, we all must begin, sure, but to succeed, we all must follow through. There are not any exceptions to this rule.
For me, I never see exceptions to that rule. In fact, I can honestly say that it is a principle of life like gravity or atmosphere to breathe are principles of physics. Goal achievement starts with the resolve to achieve a goal and ends with the achievement of the goal, but what happens in the middle of the beginning and the end processes is the resolve to achieve the goal.

To become a winner, you must think like one, that is what makes greatness

Without the thoughts of a winner, you cannot become a winner, but by luck and chance. Luck and chance are not repeatable usually, unless it is a fluke. But well planned thoughts and actions are repeatable. Sow a thought deeply and with patience, reap a reality ultimately, to say it in a shortened way. But here is the long way to say it, read on: Thoughts, deeply held beliefs and actions create genuine realities. Not only that, but the better and more consistent the thoughts and beliefs, the better the actions.
So, I would like to put a notice right here in this funny place: These articles will not include too many flashy images and charts, they will only include the best and most direct advice to win and genuinely succeed in life. With that said, I go on with the article.
To quote a friend of mine named Richard "Dick" Sutphen: Thoughts generate beliefs and beliefs generate realities. Without that simple, yet far reaching knowledge of how life works. You cannot achieve one point of success in your existence and life.
So, when I say in the section title, think like a winner and make yourself great essentially, you should now have an idea of what I am writing and typing about. Do what you need to do, and what you want will follow in other words. We really are as happy and successful as we make up our minds to be. I will add more later.

Hallelujiah, make a winner!

So, with all that went before, you are not ready to do what it takes and you think at times that it is too far to travel to become a winner. Well, I will say something very obvious that may be overlooked that may take some of the burden off you: Winners are made, not born. Greatness "for real" is made by yourself, never given by the opinion or reality of another person.
With that said and "tossed out" to you, I will also say this: If you do not like your situation, do what needs to be done to change it. Note that I said do what needs to be done, not "wants to be done". What is the ultimate sanity but to use the free will God and existence gave you right? Sure, I am getting down to the basics of winning here, but we all need to if we want to get anywhere good or positive. After all, if I just said "do only what is comfortable and wants to be done to get what you want" seriously, you can laugh and put this in your "bad advice file". But, I am going to say indeed what needs to be said, not what I want to say so much. If I told you what I really wanted to tell you and not what I need to tell you. I would tell you a simple good luck. But here is what I also need to tell you: You bless yourself through your actions rationally, that is what is really meant, I know, by the phrase "you have free will". You have a choice to do what needs to be done or not.


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