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This to all youths, time to check and to analyze your goal and plan them accordingly. He that fails to plan, will surely plan to fail.

What makes Successful Career?


A university education is good, it is the dream of every young and even old persons. But there are Clauses to it, the benefit and the loses.A job may well bring wealth and recognition, but is my live solely build around secular achievement?. Now watch the seven tips you should know about career planning.


'Today many people are asking, what shall I do with the rest of my life. Sooner or later you confront this challenging question. That is why there are array of choices which present themselves- medicine, business, art, education, computer science, engineering, and trades. All these, make's one to dream of improving his financial lot in life. Thou it is not wrong to acquire all these careers, but question worth asking is the same ask at the introduction of this article.


There is no doubt that all want,s the good things that life has to offer. You need clothes, shelter, electronic gadgets, cars, prestige, fame, etc. All this made to seem's to be a reality and possible only in the four corner wall of universities. This mindset is portray in advertising media, radio, newspaper, television, banners, billboards etc. This left many wondering the possibilities of the employment market regularly accepting the masses graduating from the universities. Still the world make it seem that the only way to success is to obtain university education. But the facts recently shows that, we need practical work careers.


Many tody are out of school, the mind of working immediately after graduation is always there in the mind of all students that are there in the universities. The labour markets is in the state of disarray. They are confused as to how to employ the great number of people comming out the universities daily. This has made many to seek for part time jobs, minial jobs and teaching work which are not their dreamed planned work career.So think about employment prospect.


Nevertheless, is a university degree always worth the huge commitment of time and money it demands? Why this question?. While statistics indicate that university graduates earn higher salaries and suffer less unemployment than high school graduates, the book Planning Your College Education reminds us that these statistics are mere averages. Only a minority of university graduates actually receive sky-high salaries; the rest are paid wages that are far more down to earth.


One should think seriously before embarking on such journey of education. Besides the sweet environment, social interactions, friends and experiences, the high incomes attributed to university graduates may also result from such factors as "unusual abilities, motivation, area opportunities etc. In the United States, university costs average well over $10,000 a year as at 1989. It often takes students years to pay off their indebtedness.


With the recent mindset, people were make believed that aquiring all the degrees in the world will make their life more comfortable. But the reality of life shows that those who didn't went to or graduated from university are the Directors and managers of university graduates.


When it comes to spiritual aspect of humans on earth, nothing l mean absolutely nothing can be compare to it. The quest to know God, the desires to do what is right, guilty conscience of failing to act rightly. All these, characterized what is called spirituality. When all this factors are missing in the lives of an individuals, no matter how influencial he is, prominent, and fame he will always feel dissatisfied. Hence, a job may well bring wealth and recognition, but it cannot satisfy one's spiritual needs. Because there is more to success than materia gain.



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