Polished to shine!

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This is an old trade that many men had to feed their families and it might come back, being things as they are.

Polished to shine!

Isn´t this an old trade to earn a living? As I´ve read it´s been performed for as long as we can remember in many parts of the world. This has been the livelihood for many families and has always done by men, although, children do it in very poor countries. At first, these men offered shoe polish or mending clothes until they went round the streets, offering to people to polish their shoes as well as other services such as tailoring or mending shoes.
I remember them well, because when I was a school girl, there were plenty of them around in the city centre.
Carrying their little case with shoe polish, cloths and different sort of brushes and a little stool, they patrolled the streets asking passers if they wished them to polish their shoes to shine.
"Limpia? Limpia?" they would ask people, meaning if they wanted their shoes clean.
They worked in a specific area, which was where they lived and many of their customers were men who sat in the cafes to read the newspaper and to have a coffee. They even had their regular clients who would call them up, clicking their fingers at them.
"Hi! Joe! Give them a good polish!"
With these regular clients, these shoe cleaners had a sort of friendship and while the man polished the shoes, the client would ask him about him and his family to get engrossed in a conversation on politics, football or bull-fighting.
It seems quite a menial job, but it is not. Whatever we do to earn a living has a dignity, provided it doesn´t involve robbing, killing or dealing with drugs.
It seems an old-fashioned trade, but I guess it may become one to consider, being things as they are. After all, all what we want is job done and money in the pocket to keep us going, don´t we?

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Nice post!

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