Reasons to use ordinary mail

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Dismiss not the use of postal services, because they can still be useful for specific purposes.

Reasons to use ordinary mail

I've recently been cheated by one of these telephone companies, but despite the fact of having contacted them by email, I haven't received a reply yet and I don't think I ever will, because I believe those emails were deleted long ago without, perhaps, having been opened. On a last time, I decided to send them a registered letter. These letters have to be given in hand and the receiver has to sign for them.
Emailing CV's can be more practical and faster, but does anyone know how many emails there can be in a personal manager's inbox day in a day out? One's CV will be among other correspondence and, perhaps, some junk mail too. It'll be easily deleted by mistake. Emailing CV's may be practical and fast, but mailing one's CV by ordinary mail can still reach to the hands we want it to reach.
Mi advice is that if there's a company where they need staff and you'd like to work in you should submit your CV with a cover letter addressed to the person you wish them to read it and if possible mail it as a registered letter that they'll have to sign before they can have it. This person won't throw it before, at least, reading it.
Companies receive thousands of emails everyday, but they still use the postal service and a postman arrives at their offices to bring in their post. Your CV with a cover letter will be among those from providers and clients and a secretary will be obliged to open and read it.
On the other hand, the postal services still exist. Governments would like to dismantle them, but they haven't just yet. It's true that they have let way to other private companies to deal with parts of such a citizen's service at a price, but they still arrive everywhere at everyone's door and in every household or building, there're still mail boxes.
It may be pleasant to open one's inbox to find a handful of emails to read and, perhaps, be glad of them, but opening a mail box to find a personal letter is also something that can spark a day. Banks email a lot, but they also send a lot of letters and so do those folks that want to sell us a service of sorts.
Using ordinary mail is, as I say, particularly useful for written complains or to apply for a job. Before your letter reaches to the bin, it'll have been on the desk. A secretary or a manager himself will have had to open it to see what's on it.
Dismiss not the ordinary mail service, because it can still be necessary for a specific purpose.

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author avatar Retired
11th Oct 2014 (#)

You raise some good points here, Vicklass. Have to say that I haven't used snail mail for at least 25 years. I used to send faxes before the advent of email and messaging. Faxes take a few seconds to deliver. Come to think of it, I might be start using faxes again, but not snail mail.

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author avatar vickylass
12th Oct 2014 (#)

I'm not saying that we aren't to use fax or email at all, but while the postal service exists, we shouldn't sopt using it with a purpose. I can only say that I've received more calls for personal interviews when I sent my CV by ordinary mail than by email. Think about this.

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author avatar Retired
13th Oct 2014 (#)

The companies I have work for over the past couple of decades have not sent or received letters via snail mail. Maybe it is still used by some people where I live to send letters to family and friends who do not have Internet access. My children (now in their 20's) have not used snail mail in their entire life. I don't need to send my cv to anyone and my children have had plenty of job offers without the need of postal services.

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