Setting Our Goal!

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Many of us have vague, idealized notions of what we want out of life. These notions float among the clouds in our heads.

Achieving And Setting Goals!

Such outcomes are great possible goals. Left in a generalized form, however, these goals can leaves us confused about ways to actually achieve them. If you really want to meet a goal, translate it into specific, concrete behaviors.
Find out what that goals looks like. Listen to what it sound like. pick it up and feel how heavy that goal is. Inspect the switches, valves, joints, cogs, and fastenings of the goals. make your goal as real as a chain saw. There is nothing vague or fuzzy about chain saws. You can see them, feel them, and hear them. They have a clear function. Goals can be every bit as real and useful. Goals and Intention Statement both address changes you want to make in your behavior, your value, your circumstances---or all of these.

Goals in several time frames:
Long-terms goals. Long term goals represent major targets in your life. These goals can take 20 years to achieve. In some cases, they will take a life time.

Mid-term goals:
mid-term goals, are objectives you can accomplish in one five years. They include goals such a completing a course of education, paying off a car loan, or achieving a specific career level.

Short-term goals:
Short-term goals are the one you can accomplish in a year or less. These goal are specific achievements, such a completing a particular course or group of courses, hiking down the Appalachian Trail, or organizing a family union.

Goals in several areas of life:
People who set goals in only one area life ----such as their career----can find that their personal growth becomes one-sided. They could experience success at work while neglecting their health or relationship with family members and friends. To avoid this outcome, set goals in a variety of categories. Consider what you want to experience in your:

education--- social life
career-------- spiritual life
financial life- level of health
family life

Reflect on your goals:
Check in with your feeling. Think about how the process of setting your goals felt Consider the satisfaction you'll gain in attaining your objectives.

Check for alignment: Look for connection between your goals. Do your short-term goals align with your mid-term goals? Your mid-term goals help achieve your long-term goals.

Check for obstacle: All kinds of thing can come between you and your goals, such constraints on time and money.


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