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Is nursing for you. It's a great profession but not for everyone

Is nursing for you

Are you thinking of going to nursing school but not sure if you will succeed as a nurse or not? Well, that's a good question to ask yourself since the nursing program is costly and it's difficult and time consuming so you might want to do a little homework before you go out there and study nursing. You don't want to waste so much time, money and energy to find out that you really dislike smelling people's bodily fluid, or have to bandage people's open wound or work with terminally ill patients like Aids patients.
Yes, nursing is not a job for those that are fearful of these common things that nurses see and work with daily. If you're afraid of blood or anything associated with the hospital environment then it's time to rethink about studying to be an RN.

However, there are many healthcare majors out there that will yield a high income also and it will be suitable for you too since not all healthcare majors will be as difficult as nursing or will make you deal with all that nurses have to deal with. Some healthcare profession are clean and some you might not have to deal with bodily fluid or trauma or drama. It will depends on your choice.

Nursing is so difficult that the average person just doesn't know how hard it is until they have to do it themselves. You have to know just as much as a doctor because you're the person that is implementing all of the doctor's orders. You have to check
the doctor's work and you have to be responsible for all patients since you're the last person that would have put medication inside the patient's body. This
make you more meticulous than the doctor even, cause he disappears after he writes his order but you're there with the patients until your shift is over and
anything that happens will fall upon you. There are a lot of legal responsibilities that comes with the job too, tons of demand and stress. If you dislike
stress and demands then this is not for you.

Questions to ask yourself

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide to pursue nursing. Why do you want to be a nurse? If you say it's for the money, then you might have some hard time
in this program since you can't follow it for that long without loving some aspects of it. Most people who do nursing love healthcare, love science, love to rescue people, and feel that it fulfills them in some ways.
You have to like it in order to follow through with it or else you will drop out in the middle of it.
Do you have the mind for it? Nursing is not just any major. It's one of the most difficult majors of all time. You rather do anything but nursing. Not only it's hard to study, but very hard to enter the program. If you're not
top notch students, you will spend so much time waiting around just to get in the program.
You might not get pick to get in right away. There are tons of competitions and the program is so costly that not everyone
will get in right away or qualify even.

Another question to ask yourself is your financial backing. Do you have enough money to pay for the entire programs, and not have to work while you study.
It's impossible to work while attending a nursing program. You can try working but you might fail your program because you don't have time to study.
It's best to study without working so you can complete the program successfully. You can try but just know that you have been warn. If you can't get financial aid or get a loan, then you should consider finding a way to get
some support before you start the program.

Do you have a clean background check? Are you free of communicable diseases. If you have a criminal background or communicable disease like TB, you might not be able to enter the program.
Although, if you are a carrier but it's latent or treatable then you might qualify, even diseases like hepatitis. If you have a criminal background that has anything to do with
violence, assault, theft, fraud, unethical problems, or sexual assault you will not be able to enter the program. They will run your background check before you enter the program.
As you can see, there are a thousand requirements that you need to satisfied before you enter the program. I hope that you made the right decision.


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