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On this page I will be sharing sites that work for me and I consider legitimate because I have received payment for the work I did.

Legitimate Online Jobs

I have tried different online jobs for the past months like answering surveys and PTC sites but I always end up frustrated and tired because I have never been paid, most of the sites I have worked for are either scam or requires large amount of money before you can cash out. But situations like this did not stop me from searching other web offers.

And now the search is over because I have found two sites where I have received payments through paypal.

1. Bubblews. Bubblews is also a writing platform where you can write anything you want as long as it is 400 characters long and it is original. The payments are based on the likes, comments and views you received. However there is a limit in the number of articles you post. You are only allowed to post 10 articles per day. You can also promote your articles to different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and you can also recommend your article to Google.

There are many negative feedbacks for Bubblews saying that the site is a scam an it don't pay, but it worked for me. You just have to follow the rules. The only downside of Bubblews is you will not know if you have violated a rule or not because you will not be informed so you have to be really careful and make an effort to understand every rule.

I am writing in Bubblews for two weeks already, and I was able to redeem my payment twice. I will attach a photo of my earnings as proof. The minimum amount to redeem for Bubblews is 25 dollars.

If you are interested to write for Bubblews you may sign up at

2. CloudCrowd. This site not only offer writing opportunities but there are also other opportunities like editing, categorization, translation, research, data entry and others.

Unlike other site, no interview is required, you just have to pass some tests and gain more credentials to ensure that you are credible for the job you do. I focus more on the Categorization tasks because it only requires a single test but sometimes this job is not available. Writing, Editing and Research are available everyday but you will still need to study some resources before you will be able to pass the test. But don't worry they provide their resources.

One of the things that I really like about this site is that payment will be sent the next day after you have accomplished a task. No minimum amount is required.

I only work a few hours here and focus on the categorization tasks because I am still studying the resources for writing and editing for me to pass the exam. But I was able to earn a few by doing Categorization tasks. I will attach another photo as proof of payment from CloudCrowd.

If you are interested to join CloudCrowd visit

I hope that you find this post useful and if you have any questions feel free to write them on the comment box.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Oct 2013 (#)

Nice share - happy that you are getting paid - siva

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author avatar Natashalou
5th Nov 2013 (#)

I was paid sucessfully by bubblews many time and then..they simply stopped paying. I never broke any rules..they are just a very poorly managed site

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author avatar ispeakthetruth
15th Nov 2013 (#)

I too do things online for money. A friend already recommended Bubblews. I don't have time to join anything else. I am in a lot of stuff to earn money online. I wont give the link for them in this comment because it might be considered spamming. If you are interested and it is allowed, message me. I have been paid a few times by each, but you do have to wait until you reach a certain amount to get paid. Usually you have to earn at least $25.00 before you can request pay out. The secrete to getting paid more often is in referrals. Referrals help you reach pay out time faster.

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