Staying Fit and Focused at Work: Adopt These Healthy Habits

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Your work efficiency depends largely on your lifestyle and here a few tips to keep it healthy.


You must be thinking that this is just another article that is telling you that you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle and that you need to improve your diet, drink more water and less alcohol. You may now be thinking about how you ate a salad a couple of days back during your lunch break, but we are sure that your salad was filled with bacon, dressing and topped with several cheeses. This was certainly not a healthy meal, and we have the liberty to say that you are endangering your overall health.

Why not make a couple of improvements? We admit that we live in a chaotic world in which we settle for yesterday’s reheated pizza, while watching our favorite series on the couch. The things we eat are just one element of our overall health, but what about our mental health? You do not have to start eating kale or quinoa to be healthy; you can just make a few simple changes that will lead you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Opt For Unprocessed Foods

We are not saying that you should base your entire diet on raw foods and give up on everything you love to eat. We are just suggesting that your diet should consist of ground turkey or chicken breasts, which are lean meats, and a variety of vegetables. You can start by following the 80/20 rule; whole foods should be 80% of your diet and this will lead you a long way. Do not worry; you can still eat your cake.

Bring Lunch to Work

This may seem hard, but you should start bringing your lunch to work. It will be a nice change instead of eating the same hamburger three times in one week. You do not have to trouble yourself too much, just prepare something simple and quick, because no matter what you bring, it will be better than eating something out of the closest fast food joint.

Walk More

You do not need to be a fitness freak that runs marathons and trains for the Olympics to be in optimal health. You just don’t have to be lazy. Start with small things, like parking your car further from the office. Take a short break every hour and stretch out your legs, walk around the office or take the stairs instead of the elevator. The more active you are, the better your mobility, flexibility and overall health will be. Do something nice for your body; it will appreciate it.

Less Alcohol, More Water

We bet that when someone asks you how much you drink, you give an understated answer like, “I only drink socially, with friends.” Of, course you will later admit that you had a couple of shots, some Red Bull vodkas and you topped it all that with some beer. Limiting that heavy drinking to maybe just one night a week can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to liver function. And, not to mention how grateful your wallet will be. So, when you are feeling thirsty, grab some water. This way you’ll avoid coming to work hungover, and your productivity will go up. Pay attention to the water you drink, and do not limit yourself. Go crazy and have at least 8 cups.

Take a Break from Technology

We live in a world where we are driven and consumed with technology. So, how about taking a little break from it all? Put away your phone and computer. Even if you do it for a couple of hours each day, you will clear your mind and feel de-stressed. Consider it as a bonus. It’s important to separate your professional from your private life and get a chance to relax.

Find a Hobby

We are sure that you are constantly thinking about taking up a hobby, but you constantly complain how you don’t have time for it. Now it is time to make some time, because having interests that are outside your work can lead you to a more fulfilling life. So, find a new craft. Having a hobby will make you more interesting to others, and who knows, you might even attract someone nice.


These are some simple habits that should not be difficult to implement. Feel free to start small, even if that is just one thing from our list. It does not matter how you start, as long as you are changing your lifestyle to be healthier.


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