Strategies for Multiple Choice Questions for Police Exam

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This article suggests strategies in answering multiple choice questions for police exam

Strategies for Multiple Choice Questions for Police Exam

Finally! You have decided to pursue career as police officer. Now you have to face and prepare for the government recruitment process. It is not only about proving them you have all the major qualities to be a law enforcer through tough oral interviews, but you need to pass their prepared written examinations as well. Different states may have different set of subjects to be tested. Some subject examples are: reading comprehension, vocabulary, computations, accuracy of observations, reading comprehension, law familiarity and memory for facts and information. Some of these examinations sets may be time-bounded. Police officer exam just like any other exam would be difficult to answer if you do not acquaint yourself with it.

Police officer exam is commonly put in a multiple choice question type. In such kind of test, several options are given as answers to a question. The examinee has to choose the best or the right answer from the given alternatives. Many examinees will probably see this kind of test as simple and easy because options are already given. In contrast, it is one of the hardest type to answer because tester may give choices that are closely related to each other and some may even see it as “all the options are correct” sort. One sample is given below.

Question 1. Choose the correct word that fits the sentence.
Some animal species, ______ wet and humid weather to survive.
a. determine b. need c. require d. all of the above
answer: b. need

Feeling stressed and tensed about your upcoming written examination is inevitable. Preparation and some useful tips may help you ease the pressure of passing the test. Discussed below are simple strategies that you may consider to use in answering multiple choice questions.

1. Familiarize yourself with the examination subjects.
It is better to be ready by doing some research on the subjects you need to take on the police officer exam. This may depend on the state you intend to take the test. Through this you will have ideas on topics you need to focus on or need to be reviewed. It is better to admit that there can be no real substitute for studying.

2. Test yourself by answering some sample questions.
Practice answering questions. There are many available practice sets in bookstore or online resources that you can use. Practice makes you see where you should improve and it will serve as a dry run for your test strategies. This will give you scheme on what you should do in a certain type of test. It will lead you one step closer to that badge you are aiming.

3. Learn to relax.
This is the real deal. Your exam paper is in front of you. Take a deep breath and avoid panicking especially if the examination is time-bounded. Learn to relax. This will help you think clearly and analyze the questions carefully.

4. During the test, read the questions carefully first before the choices.
Try to read the questions first before the choices. This will allow you to think for the right or possible answer. The tendency is that you are not going to plainly depend on the alternatives. This strategy can also help you to eliminate possible wrong choices from the set.

5. Correct elimination of alternatives is the key.
In the instance that you get confused with the choices, correct elimination is the key. Try to read the question carefully and eliminate the alternatives which you think will be far from being the correct answer. Then you may choose from the remaining choices that you have not eliminated. Do this with basis.

6. Do not stay on one question for too long.
Do not hold on to a question for too long. This is best when there is an allotted time frame for certain question set. There is a high possibility that other questions will be easier for you to answer.

7. Review if you still have time.
If there is still spare time, you may want to go back to some questions that are left behind or you got confused with. Remember you need to get as many correct answers as you can. If there is no penalty for guessing then guess. It is better not to leave any questions unanswered.

After finishing the police officer exam, you may want to relax and take your mind off the result. The results of the examination may be released depending on what state you took the exam. There are some that take a while before releasing but there are some tests in which the results will be given to the examinee immediately after taking the assessment. Again, examination will always be part of any career choice. The key for you to pass is preparation, information, confidence and guts and hard work. Remember that nothing is easy in attaining every path or goal you want to meet.


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