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Yes, it is true that outsourcing success will depend on the knowledge and information that you have acquired so that your advantage over the others will affect tremendously without skepticism.

Outsourcing success depends on your knowledge and information

Outsourcing companies in Cebu set out with great advantage and they catch up with other countries as far as outsourcing industry is concerned. There are a lot of pros and cons to wield over the outsourcing industry, particularly in Cebu areas. How to single out the best outsourcing companies? Why should we demand and take part actively in the best outsourcing firms as call center hubs? People, particularly the clients may opt to look at the possibilities by knowing the vision and mission with industry’s operations and expansions.

Outsourcing industry in Cebu should cater to the people’s needs and to the entire clientele when it comes to good services. In fact, people must be aware of the companies that offer a great deal of options for the benefits not only for said companies but also for the clientele in general.

In Cebu, we have the leading outsourcing companies like ExcelAsia which is geared towards expanding its operations in Cebu, citing the increased demand for its training services from call centers, such as Wipro. Another outsourcing company is Convergys which is geared towards continuing to expand its Philippine operations, with the opening of another call center, aside from the original outsourcing hubs situated at the UP-Ayala Technohub in Quezon City, and other places in Cebu and Manila areas.

Besides, according to the press release, Manila-based business process outsourcing company eTelecare will soon open a delivery center in Managua, Nicaragua to serve as a near-shore site addressing the United States customers.
The new call centers located in Cebu City, aside from Quezon City, Sta Rosa, Laguna and The Fort this year, are expected to create more new jobs for Cebuanos. Convergys has officially kicked off its new three centers in Cebu Asiatown in Cebu City. Two more will be opened this year with a total of five call centers that will create 7,000 more employment opportunities for Filipinos. Here in Cebu alone, the people, especially applicants for employment will take part in this kind of industry once they are hired to work as call center agents, among others.

Convergys now has 12 operational contact center facilities. Cebu City was chosen as one of the two city locations for the back-end financial operations of multinational transport company abroad. Cebu City bested 62 other cities around the world, including outsourcing and off-shore destinations. It was stated in the press release that Bombardier Transportation has formally commenced its Global Finance Shared Service Center for Accounting and Reporting at the 14th floor of the new TGU Tower in Asiatown IT Park with 20 employees that is expected to grow by 150 in 2014. It’s good, perhaps, for the Cebuanos!

ExcelAsia opened its business in Cebu in the year 2005 with Convergys as its first client. It has since expanded in Metro Manila and has trained the so-called “newly-hired applicants” who also received scholarships subsidized by the government. On the average, the company’s Cebu office trains 200 to 300 people every month. We have Western Wats as the one source destination that everybody can bank fully on as regards data collection needs. It offers a variety of comprehensive solutions and works with its client partners to determine which services are best for each research project.

Over the years, the company successfully conducted every type of survey such as client behavior & character-tracking, notions’ testing, client contentment & integrity measurement, new product development, and business or market scenarios. Western Wats Philippines Inc., an American outsourcing company conducting a market research located at Mactan Economic Zone II, Cebu, is the dominant player in outsourcing touted as the “back office of the country," would soon have to contend with a Cebu-based counterparts in outsourcing industry. They said “Cebu is the best option,” in terms of highly skilled English-speaking labor force, a reliable telecommunication infrastructure with low cost of qualified personnel, and that is why these are the important reasons for singling out Cebu companies for the outsourcing support.

Outsourcing success depends on your knowledge and information
Most of us might think of something that is not connected anymore in IT business or perhaps think of other things like manual work to provide our daily living for the family. If you are aware of the outsourcing business you will give an edge over the others because the savvy that you have possessed will bank on the skills and abilities to make you ahead of the other applicants. Yes, it is true that outsourcing success will depend on the knowledge and information that you have acquired so that your advantage over the others will affect tremendously without skepticism.

In fact, one must take cognizance about the recent studies of outsourcing industry in the Philippines or other countries that engage in this kind of business. There has been so much interest in savvy sharing between the service receiver and provider through an outsourcing partnership and its effect on information systems’ outsourcing success. This study scrutinizes the relationship between savvy sharing and outsourcing success.

The outcome of knowledge and ability of the service receiver to absorb the needed savvy with the companies to build a partnership on these relationships are modeled and the hypotheses are defined. These were tested using a sample of 195 public sector organizations at random, not only in the Philippines but also in other country like South Korea. Information or findings have shown or indicated that all hypothesized ways or techniques in the model are indispensable.

What is outsourcing success? Here in the Philippines, we have a large pool of information technology – a call center to do business with. We can communicate well with other country in terms of telecommunication because of this outsourcing business. English is the universal language, that’s the main reason why the Filipinos are adept at speaking in English. English uttered by them (Filipinos) is based on American and British accents. Like all the companies that hired skilled workers in IT, English is the main source of outsourcing industry that provides us with greater advantage over the other country as far as telecommunication is concerned.

We have fixed and variable costs and targets to make a daily profit. Our country and its outsourcing industry are rapidly emerging when they are being talked about. The first thing that comes to people’s mind is call center outsourcing business. Information Technology is in the field of outsourcing, and it is paving its way to success. This is considered as the newest one in business today. One’s success in outsourcing industry will rely on the knowledge and skills. Besides, information will follow after gaining momentum in the field of information and technology in the Philippines.

A lot of people will ask about things regarding success in outsourcing industry. By all means and by all accounts, it gives the ability or skill in communications – both oral and written communications in English for the Filipinos. English is only the medium of communication in the Philippines where outsourcing industry is the source of livelihood and it commences from its economic growth to pan out. Candidly speaking, to commence with a business and run it successfully, a range of essential entrepreneurial skills are indispensable. If success is what you are after, then it stands to reason that you acquire most of the indispensable skills or come by them before you set out your business, especially if you want to run the business yourself.

The other options or alternative will be to take in a partner as co-employee who seems to acquire a particular skill that you are lacking or deficient in. What then are the important entrepreneurial skills the person should possess in outsourcing business? The question will boomerang to you because you know how talented or skillful you are. It also differs in degrees of savvy or talent that a business entrepreneur has taken advantage of due to personal reasons.

Take note that good planning should be able to excogitate, predict and foresee the changing market conditions and adopt suitable strategies to counter or take advantage of them. They should also explore possibilities of adding new products or services to keep up with the changing times and circumstances and beat the IT match. Skills in areas such as recruitment, team building, motivation, knowledge of employment, law and health and safety requirements are all part of management skills in IT industry.

Finally, the savvy of these skills gives way to prosperity in outsourcing industry. To implement it judiciously will help you build a team of motivated employees working for the success of your outsourcing enterprise in the global market.
What are the knowledge and skills required and needed by call center agents?

Based on the experiences, knowledge, skills, customary ways and practices here in the Philippines, a lot of things, being involved in outsourcing industry, will take into account and will greatly ease the tension of a call center agent himself/herself. It is inevitable to have engaged in telecommunications and sometimes, a call center agent makes experience something awful and something odd.

Everything is part of the job once you are paid to do business in outsourcing company. Your main job is to have the telephone with you because this is mainly connected with your daily task as a call center agent. You have to possess the knowledge and skills in order for you not to put behind the others because telecommunication business is a competition so you have to prepare for it and be knowledgeable of everything in outsourcing business.

As far as the telephones are concerned, they are used as an everyday part of business and often aided in your customers a first impression of your company that you are connected with. You have to possess and identify telephone skills needed to be successful and more professional. It provides strategies to enable you to give your callers the quality service they deserve.

You have to influence your customers with great pride and perception of the company. Once you are hired, you have to look after the savvy and skills that you have possessed yourself. You may use them in day-to-day activities in the outsourcing company. What is the call center? Why is it connected to the outsourcing industry?

The call center is a dynamic and fast-paced department. It's a highly-structured operating environment where constant change is the norm. Having said that, a typical call center agent should possess and have the profile that includes himself/herself the following skill set requirements: 1) Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills; 2) Professional and courteous demeanor; 3) Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, high-volume environment; 4) Excellent problem-resolution skills; 5) Strong systems skills; 6) Ability to meet established productivity, effectiveness, training, sales (if applicable) and quality goals; 7) Ability to work in a highly-structured environment; and 8) Ability to accept and learn whatever tasks are given to him/her without complaints for personal advantage and promotion.

Besides, a call center agent should know things, put the things into proper way and give them highlights in doing the tasks daily. He/She must possess and have the:

Savvy and Scheming Outsourcing Skill

Work savvy and scheming skills are the basic first step you should undertake when you commence with a new business. Feasibility of the business, marketing of the product, local competition and funding are some of the important aspects that should be studied diligently and carefully. Furthermore, it is utterly important to keep on updating your knowledge by reading books/periodicals and attending seminars to keep abreast of times and ahead of other competitors.

Technical or IT Outsourcing Skill

It is very important to have the skill like this because it helps you a lot in putting forward in your perspective or viewpoint in life as a call center agent. You should possess the necessary skills to produce what you’ve got. Experience has gained a lot in working in similar work places or a professional qualification that will stand you in good stead. In certain types of businesses, experience is not indispensable but to satisfy your clients and provide a good service, you have to exert efforts to please and satisfy them. Thus, technical skills play an important role in outsourcing business.

Business/Financial Outsourcing Skill

Business is very important in dealing with customers. It all depends on the strategy/technique, success or failure of your business. It is the process of identifying your potential customers and persuading them to buy your products or services. Sales, promotions, etc. are some of the skills that are an essential part of business. Mishandling or negligence of this aspect can lead to failure. Financial skills play also a major role in the running of a business big or small. Negligence of this aspect can lead to recurring cash flow problems such as inability to purchase goods, nonpayment to suppliers, etc. It is ambiguous that with these problems no entrepreneur can pan out or have peace of mind in running a business.

Management Outsourcing Skill

Management is part of growth and development of the company. See to it that you should know how to deal with others so that no disagreement or chaotic problems will occur in your business. The need for management skills becomes indispensable. Skills in areas such as (1) recruitment, team building, and motivation; (2) knowledge of employment and safety requirements are all part of management outsourcing skills. You should acquire the skills in possessing humanitarian aspects in dealing with the people around you.


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